Thus begins the stretch of "E3 news that is still technically pre-E3."
Stadia controller

Google announced today that they will be holding their first ever Stadia Connect this Thursday, June 6 at 9AM (PT). In case you have already forgotten what Stadia is, it is the new and upcoming gaming platform from Google. We talked about it back when it was officially announced in March.

In short, Stadia is a new streaming platform that will allow you to play games up to 4K resolution, at 60fps, and with HDR to any screen of your choosing including tablets, your computer, or even TVs with a Chromecast Ultra connected. Of course, this all depends on things like your connection speed and the capability of your devices, but that's neither here nor there. It will also include some form of YouTube integration that will allow you to play a game you see on YouTube almost immediately at the press of a button.

On Thursday of this week, the first Stadia Connect will be streamed to the world. In it, Google promises to deliver word about the pricing for the service, launch info, and game announcements. You will be able to watch it on YouTube at 9AM (PT) on the 6th.