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  • Google Starts Refunding Stadia Purchases

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    Google Starts Refunding Stadia Purchases

    Google says that the process should be automatic.

    The process of issuing refunds to Stadia customers for purchases made on hardware, games, peripherals, and subscriptions has begun at Google. This comes a little over a month since Google announced that they were shutting down their online game streaming service. Google still plans on shutting the service down completely on January 18, 2023.

    When they made the announcement of Stadia's closure, Google also revealed that...
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  • Google Passed on an Exclusive Death Stranding Follow-up for Stadia

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    Google Passed on an Exclusive Death Stranding Follow-up for Stadia

    Single player games are apparently dead, so believes Phil Harrison.

    According to a new report by 9to5Google, Google passed on a Stadia-exclusive follow-up to Death Stranding. It seems as though the main sticking point for the management at Stadia is the fact that this proposed game by Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions would be a strictly single player experience.

    This is a slight departure from 2019's Death Stranding. That game is very much an asynchronous multiplayer...
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  • Google is Shutting Down Stadia, Issuing Full Refunds on Purchases

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    Google is Shutting Down Stadia, Issuing Full Refunds on Purchases

    Who could have ever seen this coming?

    Moments ago, The Verge issued a new report saying that Google is shutting down Stadia. The service will remain up and running for all players until January 18, 2023.

    Those who have purchased any Stadia hardware through the Google Store, plus those that purchased Stadia game releases and add-on content through the Stadia storefront will also be fully refunded. These refunds are expected to be completed by mid-January.

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  • Skyrim Teased as Next Elder Scrolls Online Expansion

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    Skyrim Teased as Next Elder Scrolls Online Expansion

    A new trailer closes the Season of the Dragon and teases the reveal of a familiar location.

    Last night at The Game Awards, Zenimax Online Studios brought a new Elder Scrolls Online trailer to the table. In this cinematic trailer, we get a good look at the beginning of the end for the current Season of the Dragon. This has been a year-long adventure for players that largely took place throughout the lands of Elsweyr.

    While the focus of this season was on the tropical and...
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  • Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Takes Us Back to Mercury and Back in Time

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    Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Takes Us Back to Mercury and Back in Time

    It also brings back an old hero from the dead.

    Bungie just revealed the first details for their next season of content coming very soon to Destiny 2. The new season is being called Season of Dawn and whether you like it or not, we're headed back to Mercury. If that was the only thing to take away from this reveal, I'd probably just walk away from the game.

    However, Bungie also revealed several other things that are actually kind of neat. Season of Dawn will indeed take...
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  • Google Stadia is Out Today and Reportedly a 'Monumental Flop'

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    Google Stadia is Out Today and Reportedly a 'Monumental Flop'

    It's time for "good news, bad news."

    For Google, today is a bit of a mixed bag. The good news for them is that they just soft launched their first dedicated gaming platform, Stadia. The bad news is that it's reportedly a "monumental flop."

    Today, those who purchased the $130 Founder's Edition of Stadia are probably awaiting its delivery. The physical contents largely consisting of a unique Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra. Though you had to...
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  • Microsoft's xCloud Streaming Service Surpasses 50 Games

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    Microsoft's xCloud Streaming Service Surpasses 50 Games

    Meanwhile, at Google...

    Microsoft announced a big expansion to its Project xCloud streaming service today. At X019, the company revealed over 50 additional games for xCloud. This is a big jump from the initial five titles that were available at the initial launch just one month prior.

    Microsoft is now working with over 25 partners to bring these 50 games to you. Some of these titles include Tekken 7, Madden NFL 20, World War Z, and Just Cause 4 to name a few. This should...
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  • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Launch Trailer

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    Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Launch Trailer

    The next chapter of Destiny is about to begin.

    This launch trailer for Shadowkeep will provide you with a general basis for the story coming in the latest expansion. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is almost here.

    In Shadowkeep, you and your fellow Guardians will return to the Moon. In addition, you will run into some familiar faces, some alive and some maybe not so alive. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will be released on October 1, 2019. Along with this, the game will make the move to...
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  • Darksiders Genesis Announced

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    Darksiders Genesis Announced

    This probably isn't the Darksiders game you were expecting.

    Developer Airship Syndicate and THQ Nordic announced yesterday that a new Darksiders game is in the works. However, this probably isn't the action-adventure romp that you are hoping it is. Darksiders Genesis is a new game in the works for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

    Darksiders Genesis "kicks off a completely fresh direction for the Darksiders franchise." In Genesis,...
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  • Baldur's Gate 3 Announced for Stadia and PC

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    Baldur's Gate 3 Announced for Stadia and PC

    From the makers of Divinity: Original Sin 2.

    Baldur's Gate 3 was officially announced today. The announcement came first from the recent Stadia Connect stream from Google. The game is being worked on by Larian Studios, the studio that brought us Divinity: Original Sin 2.

    Obviously, the Stadia release is confirmed but what about other platforms? Right now, the studio said that they are also bringing the game to PC. They did not say anything about what PC storefront they will release Baldur's Gate 3 on. ...
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  • More Details About Google Stadia Revealed

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    More Details About Google Stadia Revealed

    The rumors were true.

    Google held their first ever Stadia Connect today in which they revealed some of the first concrete details about their new game streaming service. Stadia is set to let you stream games to any devices that can connect to a Chrome browser or through any device that supports a Chromecast. All of the heavy lifting is done at Google, meaning you do not need a high-end rig to play the latest and greatest. As it turns out, everything mentioned in the pre-Connect le...
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  • Bungie Finally Embraces MMO Genre for Destiny 2 - Free to Play Confirmed, Coming to Steam, Cross-Saves and More

    Bungie finally called Destiny the "M" word for the first time ever.

    Bungie said that they were going to talk about the "next chapter of Destiny 2" today and talk they did. They even said that they are going to push Destiny 2 into becoming more of an MMO. Yes, they actually said the big "M" word publicly when talking about Destiny 2! That's a huge deal! Today's livestream not only confirmed today's earlier leaks, but announced so much more. Let's just dig...
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  • Google Stadia Pricing Leaks - Offering Subscription and Individual Purchase Options

    I need an umbrella for all these leaks!

    The Google Stadia Connect that is set to begin roughly right as this post goes live, will share the first details about the pricing structure for the upcoming streaming platform. As it turns out, that information was leaked earlier this morning. The information was reported on by Kotaku but originally shared by Canadian news outlet, La Presse.

    Stadia will include both a subscription model and offer up games for sale individually....
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  • Report: Destiny 2 Going Free-to-play and Coming to Steam

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    Report: Destiny 2 Going Free-to-play and Coming to Steam

    This is assuming the rumors are true...

    It looks like Destiny 2 will be making some significant changes in the months ahead. According to an early leak, or a rumor, or whatever you want to call it, Destiny 2 is making the move to free-to-play. Engadget apparently put their article up well ahead of schedule this morning that details the coming changes.

    The article, since pulled from public sight, was read and given a nice "CliffsNotes version" over on the Destiny...
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  • Google Stadia Price and Game Announcements Coming this Thursday in Pre-E3 'Connect'

    Thus begins the stretch of "E3 news that is still technically pre-E3."

    Google announced today that they will be holding their first ever Stadia Connect this Thursday, June 6 at 9AM (PT). In case you have already forgotten what Stadia is, it is the new and upcoming gaming platform from Google. We talked about it back when it was officially announced in March.

    In short, Stadia is a new streaming platform that will allow you to play games up to 4K resolution, at...
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