As part of their mid-Summer update, BioWare confirmed today that they are very much still working on the next iterations of both Dragon Age and Mass Effect. They say that those franchises are both still a significant part of their future even if the main focus right now is on Anthem.

This statement comes directly from Casey Hudson. Think what you will about Mass Effect: Andromeda (we sure had some things to say), but it would no doubt still be a massive disappointment if the Mass Effect franchise were done for good. Hopefully the teams involved understand where things went wrong and whatever future release that comes as a result is made that much better for it all.

He also noted that the Star Wars: The Old Republic team has some "amazing plans for the coming year." He also addressed a more pressing matter about Anthem that fans have been curious about, specifically with how the game can have any sense of agency if you're playing with your friends in a living world.
how can there be agency of your story in a living world that you share with friends?