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  • Anthem 1.0.4 Patch Released - Allows Players to Access Forge Without a Load Screen

    In reading through the 1.0.4 patch notes for Anthem, there was something that caught my eye. No, it wasn't the improvements to the loot drops. No, it wasn't the buffs and changes to various Javelin components. No, it wasn't the multitude of bug fixes and general gameplay improvements. No, it wasn't the addition of Nvidia Highlights support, nor the addition of multiple FOV sliders for the PC, nor the addition of DLSS support for RTX cards.

    Nope, it was the fact that BioWare patched out a load screen. Specifically, they patched out a load screen when accessing the Forge when...
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  • BioWare Releases Anthem 1.0.3 Patch in Rare Saturday Update

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    BioWare Releases Anthem 1.0.3 Patch in Rare Saturday Update

    The 1.0.3 patch for Anthem just dropped earlier today for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 players. While it isn't unnecessarily unusual to see another patch released for a game that has had a few issues, it is unusual to see a patch released on a weekend. Yet here we are on a Saturday talking about the latest patch for the game. That's fine, I didn't want a day off either.

    Notable changes in this patch include a huge number of fixes and improvements to the game. These include fixes for crashes, fixes for Titans that spawned too frequently, and more. BioWare has also provided...
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  • Players Discover that Anthem's Most Powerful Weapons are the Ones You Start With

    Today, a little "PSA" went up on the Anthem subreddit that says clearly that the level 1 weapons players start the game with are the most powerful weapons in the game.

    If you think that doesn't make much sense, you would be correct but there are multiple confirmations showing that this is indeed what is going on. Reddit user YeetLordSupreme found that a level 1 common Defender rifle can take down a basic enemy in just four shots. Meanwhile, they found that their level 45 masterwork "Ralner's Blaze" rifle takes six shots to take down the very same enemy.

    This is in spite of the basic weapon showing damage of just 286 per shot compared to the 1184 damage per shot with the level 45 weapon. ...
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  • Sony Reportedly Offering Full Refunds on Anthem for Some PlayStation 4 Users

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    Sony Reportedly Offering Full Refunds on Anthem for Some PlayStation 4 Users

    Despite Sony having one of the most strict refund policies around, it seems as though they are making some exceptions for Anthem on the PlayStation 4. Crashes and bugs aren't really all that uncommon for games these days. However, Anthem seems to be taking things a step further by completely turning off the PlayStation 4 in some instances.

    This Reddit thread made just a few hours ago is just one of many reports of this particular issue happening to someone. A couple of users replied that they managed to do the unthinkable and received a full refund from Sony because of the...
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  • Sales Figures for Anthem are Half Those of Andromeda in UK

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    Sales Figures for Anthem are Half Those of Andromeda in UK

    As far as physical retail sales go, Anthem was the best selling game in the UK in its first week of release.

    That's the extent of the good news.

    The bad news is that it sold roughly half of the total number of units BioWare's previous title sold in its first week. That's right, Mass "My Face is Tired" Effect Andromeda outsold BioWare's latest and, er, let's just leave it at "latest."

    Digital sales for these titles are not included in these sales figures. Meaning that the number of units sold on services like Origin for PC, or the...
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  • Anthem Officially Launches Today

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    Anthem Officially Launches Today

    Despite the game being available now since February 15 under some circumstances, today marks the day in which Anthem has "officially" been released. While Origin Access and EA Access subscribers have already had a chance to play and, in some cases, "complete" the game, this will be the first time most players will get to dive in.

    Today's release is accompanied by the "day one" patch, which we already provided the changelog for the other day. Anthem allows you and some friends (or random people if you prefer) to assume the role of Freelancers....
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  • Day One Patch Notes for Anthem Released

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    Day One Patch Notes for Anthem Released

    The "day one patch" for Anthem has just been detailed by BioWare and EA. This is the update that will be required for players to download prior to hopping into Anthem on February 22. As far as I can see, this update has not yet been released to those playing on either EA Access or Origin Access.

    The update contains a decent list of fixes and quality of life improvements. Notably, it addresses the overly long loading times that many players have been very vocally complaining about. It also helps to address infinite loading screen issues, crash bugs, and more.

    The full list of changes can be found below. ...
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  • Anthem Post-Launch Roadmap Partially Revealed

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    Anthem Post-Launch Roadmap Partially Revealed

    BioWare seems like they're committed to delivering a fairly steady stream of fresh content and updates for Anthem after it's released. Today, the Anthem team revealed a partial roadmap of what players can expect in the months ahead for the game.

    Granted, we only get a real detailed look at the content that starts to come out in March, but it's better than nothing. March kicks off Act 01: Echoes of Reality. Acts 02 and 03 are teased, but their starting dates or what they will bring to the table were not revealed just yet.

    You can get a look at the detailed Act...
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  • BioWare to Allow Running in Anthem's Fort Tarsis

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    BioWare to Allow Running in Anthem's Fort Tarsis

    While Anthem has had a bit of a rough go, especially in this past weekend's VIP demo, one thing that wasn't mentioned as being changed is the unusually slow movement speed in Fort Tarsis. Thankfully, BioWare was also listening to the numerous complaints about this artificial speed restriction in the main Anthem hub and have revealed that they are changing things up for the game's full release.

    BioWare had intentionally reduced the movement speed in Fort Tarsis to make the player feel more human. This was meant to contrast the fast-paced movement players experienced when they...
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  • Anthem VIP Demo Weekend Summary

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    Anthem VIP Demo Weekend Summary

    The VIP demo weekend for Anthem has come and gone already. It was a bit of a bumpy road that included connection woes, infinite loading screens, and broken entitlements. These are just a few of the issues players encountered this past weekend.

    It wasn't a complete bust of a weekend, but for a lot of fans and potentials it was certainly disappointing. BioWare's Head of Live Service Chad Robertson explains that while these issues were terrible, they should be fixed for next weekend's public demo. Furthermore, Robertson also goes on to say that the release version of Anthem already...
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  • Anthem CES 2019 Trailer

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    Anthem CES 2019 Trailer

    Anthem made an appearance at CES 2019 already. Nvidia showed off some 4K footage of Anthem gameplay during their CES 2019 keynote presentation. There isn't too much to say here that hasn't already been said before. Just enjoy the new gameplay footage!

    Anthem will have a "VIP Demo" starting on January 25. The full game will be released on February 22 for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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  • Anthem VIP Demo Begins January 25, 2019; New Trailer Revealed

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    Anthem VIP Demo Begins January 25, 2019; New Trailer Revealed

    BioWare and EA will kick off the "VIP Demo" for Anthem on January 25, 2019. Shortly thereafter on February 1, the Open Demo will begin. What's the difference? The VIP Demo is for those who have pre-ordered Anthem in addition to those that are Origin Access subscribers and EA Access subscribers. The Open Demo is for, well, everyone else.

    Both demos will be made available on all platforms. These include the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
    Both Demos will be available on Origin for PC, Xbox One and PS4. VIP Demo players will be the first Freelancers to face the dangers of the world of Anthem, and will receive an in-game item celebrating their
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  • Anthem Demo Arrives February 2019; 'Our World, My Story' PAX Trailer Reveal

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    Anthem Demo Arrives February 2019; 'Our World, My Story' PAX Trailer Reveal

    Details about the demo for Anthem have finally started to surface. The first official date we've heard comes courtesy of PAX West 2018, where it was finally revealed that the demo will begin on February 1, 2019.

    Keep in mind that this is a demo and not a beta before you freak out about it being too close to the game's February 22 release date. With that in mind, let's find out how you can actually get in to play this demo, yeah?

    All you need to do is either pre-order Anthem, or have an active subscription to EA Access on the Xbox One, or an active sub of Origin Access on the PC. If you have done any of those things, you'll be...
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  • BioWare Confirms More Mass Effect and Dragon Age are Coming but Focus Remains on Anthem

    As part of their mid-Summer update, BioWare confirmed today that they are very much still working on the next iterations of both Dragon Age and Mass Effect. They say that those franchises are both still a significant part of their future even if the main focus right now is on Anthem.
    This statement comes directly from Casey Hudson. Think what you will about ...
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  • EA Launches Their Origin Access Premiere PC Subscription Service Today

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    EA Launches Their Origin Access Premiere PC Subscription Service Today

    If you wanted something like Origin Access but better, then you should keep reading. Today, EA launched Origin Access Premiere for the personal computer home entertainment system, or PC as it's commonly known. For $14.99 (USD) per month or $99.99 (USD) for a full year, you will get early and full access to a growing number of EA's PC offerings via Origin.

    This includes previously released games like The Sims 4 and A Way Out. It also includes upcoming new releases like Anthem, Battlefield V, and more.
    "Origin Access Premier offers players a wealth of content, including all of EA's PC games and numerous titles from other publishers in a single membership," said Michael Blank, Senior Vice President,
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