I was given the opportunity to check out the high flying, parkour antics in Welkin Road. Welkin Road is an upcoming Indie game from Gregor Panic that sends you sailing over platforms high in the sky as you try to make your way from point A to point B. Along the way you will have to traverse long distances by way of running, jumping, wall-running, grappling, and swinging.

The game features two modes, one of which is a normal progression mode through the various levels. The other is a pure speedrun mode that challenges you to beat your best times and the best times in the world.
Main featuresGrappling hooks:Parkour:Different grappling mechanics:Challenges and puzzles:Speedrun mode:Intelligent checkpoints: Frequent checkpoints and manual resets mean you can get back into the action as fast as possible. This allows you to practice sections and master an entire level without having to constantly restart. Improve on sections, find the most efficient route and set the best time.

Welkin Road is currently in Steam Early Access for $12.99 (USD).