Titanfall 2

This weekend's rumor of a free-to-play Titanfall branded battle royale game sure picked up traction in a hurry. It first seemed to originate from a YouTube channel with a less than stellar reputation. However, since then it seems that other sources are now coming forth to say that "yes, there is actually some merit to this rumor."

Apparently, a free-to-play Titanfall battle royale game will be released this Monday. The release will happen on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 at the same time. It will be released alongside a small media blitz from a handful of influencers that are rather well-known for playing battle royale games, including Dr. Disrespect and Shroud. They, among other notable names, apparently took part in a "secret" EA sponsored event this past week.

Thus far, the most solid details have come from Kotaku, who cite their own sources as confirmation of this rumor, and from "esports insider" Rob Breslau on Twitter. The game will officially be called Apex Legends. It will feature games with up to 60 players with up to three people per team.

There will not be any Titans in this game. Weird, right? It will also apparently not allow players to wall-run though some parkour style traversal is still included. It is once again running on a modified version of Valve's Source Engine, just as the previous two Titanfall games did.

Apex Legends will reportedly include micro-transactions and loot boxes that contain cosmetic items. It is said that these boxes will take a similar approach to the system found in Overwatch. In fact, gameplay comparisons for Apex Legends say that it plays like a mix of Overwatch and the Blackout mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. There are even some who have compared elements of the customization in this game to be similar to that found in Rainbow Six Siege.

You really have to wonder how much, if at all, this Titanfall branded battle royale game will be at odds with the upcoming Battlefield V battle royale mode that is coming this Spring. Hopefully there is enough time between these two releases so that a repeat of the Titanfall 2 launch doesn't happen here.