This is just a nice chart thrown together by the people of the Internet (that is to say, I don't know who originally made this as I've seen it a few places now) that show you the times for all of the major conferences for E3 2016.

The plan for E3 this year for us here at TGN, and by "us" I mean me since I'm really the only one that posts news, is to get the news up as soon as I can. Now, I could put something up right after each announcement is made but that's dumb and silly. Why? Because there won't be any media or substantial information to go along with it. It would be like "Microsoft just announced Halo 6" and that would be it. You want screens, videos, and details. I get that! What I will do instead, something I believe I did last year, is to start getting the news up a bit nearer to the end of each conference or afterwards when the emails actually start to roll into my Inbox.

That way, you can watch the conferences and then get the details on the big stuff once it's out there. This also means most news posts will probably have a trailer and/or images to go along with each announcement.

If there are major announcements, I'll try to toss them up on the TGN Twitter account. I'll probably keep the snarky remarks and opinions contained to my personal Twitter during each conference.

There will be no separate tags for each conference this year. It was already a pain to do things like "e3, e3 2015, microsoft e3, microsoft e3 2015, + extra tags specific to the game/topic of discussion for that news post." I will simply use the tags of "e3" and "e3 2016" for each post. There also won't be a dedicated E3 news section this year. It seems kind of silly to do that since the main page is all E3 during this time of year anyway for at least the few days ahead and the entire week of E3.

I will also try my best to get a post up just prior to each conference. With any luck there will be an embedded Twitch stream and embedded YouTube stream for each show. All of this will begin on Sunday prior to EA Play beginning at 4PM (ET), with some reveals apparently coming later today (Saturday, June 11).

I will try my best to stay on top of everything, however I am just one person. Expect to see E3 trailers and news coming even after the show has ended for items that I feel don't need to go up ASAP, same as in previous years.