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  • Shawn Zipay Fair enough, and I do agree with increasing ways to support TGN. And as for the game, your explanation basically tells me it's Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Hmm... Rather odd choice, as it makes online less fun for those who don't want a drop-in only experience with no control....
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  • commented on EA Kills Off Origin
    in News
    The fuck? It only takes me two clicks to get into a game from my vast library, and that includes logging in/updating the client. Also, are they finally getting rid of Origin points after realizing they had no clue whatsoever why they even bothered to create the system in the first place? (Even the years old FAQ mentions they're unsure of why points were a thing.)

    Ok... So now it's called EA Desktop... God what a terribly boring name. I actually have an easier time remembering...
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  • If this is on PC on anything other than Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store, I'm going to beeline to buy it. I will consider Microsoft Store though if I'm getting impatient. Sorry Zips, I'd use your referral code if it was for anything but EGS. They have so much bait to lure me in, but I can't allow them to win my business for their consumer hostile ways under the guise of being some kind of crusader.

    Anyway, I was wondering if there's an option to make your own online game...
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