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  • Steam Link for Raspberry Pi is Available Now

    Steam Link for Raspberry Pi is Available Now

    Valve announced that the Steam Link App is now available, for free, for those using Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+ running Raspbian Stretch.
    The app, which debuted in beta last week, allows gamers to stream their Steam games library from their computer to other areas of the house via the home network using these Raspberry devices.

    You can find out more about Steam Link at the official Steam Link landing page....
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  • 2018 Gambling News Round-Up

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    2018 Gambling News Round-Up

    2018 was rich in events that affected new online casinos in South Africa and all around the world. Read on to find out what events rocked the world of online gambling this year.

    The winners of Global Gambling Awards 2018 were announced with SG Gaming coming out as the winner in the Land-Based Industry Supplier category. Aristocrat received the Slot of the Year. The IGAs named Yggdrasil the Innovator of the Year, marking its wide success.

    Early in June, Rhode Island legalized sports betting...
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  • The Game Awards Doubles Viewership in 2018

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    The Game Awards Doubles Viewership in 2018

    The Game Awards for 2018 apparently doubled its viewership to 26.2 million livestreams. This is up from 2017's 11.5 million livestreams. There were 1.13 million concurrent viewers watching The Game Awards on Twitch during its peak.

    Be sure to click the link above for even more news including the world premiere trailers and award winners from this year's show. The above photo are the God of War developers and actors accepting the Game of the Year award at this year's show.

    The entire show can be viewed via the embed below. I also included another image for those of you out there who want some HD Keighley for whatever reason.
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  • ZeniMax and Facebook Settle VR Lawsuit

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    ZeniMax and Facebook Settle VR Lawsuit

    ZeniMax Media announced today that they have reached an agreement in the recent legal battle between themselves and Facebook over the use of various VR technologies that ZeniMax says they created. To catch you up to speed, this legal began back in 2014 when ZeniMax first sued Oculus VR and Palmer Luckey.

    Then it was said that John Carmack's hard drive had proof Oculus lied in their lawsuit with ZeniMax. Then Mark Zuckerberg got involved. Then in early 2017, a jury gave half a billion dollars to ZeniMax in their lawsuit against Oculus. Then ZeniMax asked the court to halt the sale of the Oculus Rift. Then John Carmack sued ZeniMax for...
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  • Katy Perry Joins Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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    Katy Perry Joins Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

    Katy Perry created a new song for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius called "Immortal Flame." Not only that, but those who participate in an in-game event on December 12 will get to obtain "Popstar Katy" as a playable character.

    As always, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play game supported by optional in-app purchases. You can get it now via the Apple App Sto...
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  • Enjoy the Top Picks for Nintendo Switch Games in 2018

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    Enjoy the Top Picks for Nintendo Switch Games in 2018

    No matter how great it is on its own, a console is nothing without good games. And as fresh and flexible as the Nintendo Switch may be as a piece of hardware, it is still its software that defines it. The last 2 years have seen a constant release of AAA blockbusters, indie hits, and everything in between. With that in mind, take a look at the best titles that have come to the Switch so far, all available to download or buy right now, for yourself or that special gamer close to your heart.

    Hollow Knight by Team Cherry
    In Hollow Knight, you will be placed in the middle of a map slowly stretching out, gradually revealing...
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  • VR has made great progress, and its set to continue doing so

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    VR has made great progress, and its set to continue doing so

    VR Technology Will Change the Gaming World Virtual Reality technology was spoken about widely before it actually arrived. It used to be referred to on television shows as an invention likely to come along in the future and change the world. Well, VR is here, and although it has had a slow start, it looks likely to come in to its own, and soon. It seems like it has already become another piece of technology that everyone has some version of at home. One of the biggest growth areas of this tech has been gaming, with handhelds and consoles alike adapting games to support VR graphics and headsets for a while now. Many forecasters have predicted that this industr...
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  • New tech is changing the way well play games in the future

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    New tech is changing the way well play games in the future

    Predictions for New Tech in the Gaming Industry
    Cutting-edge game technology allows players to experience their simulated entertainment totally immersively. Video games have come a long, long way since their humble beginnings, and pixels have made way for photo-realistic graphics as titles move from the arcades to our PCs, consoles, smartphones, tablets, and VR headsets. The continued evolution of the tech associated with these games is set to keep evolving, too, and the future looks bright for those who enjoy these pastimes.

    Hyper-Immersive Gameplay Although Virtual Reality is becoming more available, the graphics are still quite cartoony, and immersion can b...
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  • Counter-Strike is Now Free-to-Play, Adds Battle Royale Mode

    Counter-Strike is Now Free-to-Play, Adds Battle Royale Mode

    Valve just rolled out one of the biggest updates for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It may not be the largest in terms of file size, but in terms of scope? Yeah, it's pretty big for a game like Counter-Strike. "What could it possibly be," you wonder?

    It's battle royale.

    Of course it's battle royale. This mode has been rumored for a while and now it's finally here. The new mode is called "Danger Zone" and along with this new mode comes some additional surprising news. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now a free-to-play game. In addition, everyone that owned the game before today's move to being a F2P title have been granted Prime Status from Valve. Given that Prime Status was being used as a tool to play in an environment relatively free from cheaters and smurfs, your gameplay experiences over the next few weeks may suck until VAC d...
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  • Much Ado About Loot Boxes

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    Much Ado About Loot Boxes

    Once again, the hot topic of video game loot boxes finds itself in the spotlight. This past week the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced their plans to investigate loot boxes. They cite concerns over the potential impact of children.

    In response, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) doubled down on their stance that loot boxes can "enhance the experience." They claim that the loot boxes are not anywhere close to traditional gambling, which you can practice using betting apps for example, and are fine with leaving things as they are. However, the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) have said that it's time for the entire industry to step in and self-regulate before the government...
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  • Epic Confirms Unreal Tournament Development is Dead

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    Epic Confirms Unreal Tournament Development is Dead

    In a reveal that should surprise nobody, Epic Games confirmed that they have halted development on Unreal Tournament. In 2014, a new Unreal Tournament was announced. Development was supposed to be this huge collaborative effort between a small team at Epic, Unreal Engine 4 devs, and the public.

    We really haven't heard much about the game for literally years now. It's out there. It's playable. There isn't much content, but it existed in a state that you could, realistically, play some matches in it. It's also like, super dead. Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney told PCGamer as such.
    "Unreal Tournament remains available in the store
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  • What to Expect at The Game Awards 2018

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    What to Expect at The Game Awards 2018

    This Thursday, December 6, The Game Awards 2018 will air live from the Microsoft Theater in LA. We were just sent a little press release that talks about some of the presenters that will make an appearance as well as a preview of some of the new updates and premiers that will air during the event.
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  • Starbreeze Offices Raided by Swedish Authorities

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    Starbreeze Offices Raided by Swedish Authorities

    Starbreeze, the studio behind Overkill's The Walking Dead and The Darkness had their offices raided on Wednesday in Stockholm. The Swedish Economic Crime Authority carried out the raid as part of their investigation into the company for insider trading.

    According to Variety (via Dagens Industri), the raid was conducted on Wednesday morning. One person at the studio was arrested on suspicion of insider trading. In addition to the arrest, a "number of items" including a computer were seized by the authorities. What prompted the authorities to look into Starbreeze to begin with? It seems as though both the outgoing fi...
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  • Valve Released an Artifact Comic

    Valve Released an Artifact Comic

    Just two days ahead of the release of Artifact, Valve did what Valve does best and released a new comic. It's called "Prelude" and it serves as a prelude to their upcoming card battling game.

    A second comic called "Call to Arms" will drop on Wednesday. These comics "sets the stage for a series of events that will transform the world of Dota forever."

    So, are they changing the base Dota game as a result? Because if not, that seems like a kind of silly thing to say about Artifact, no? Anyway, go read today's comic, Prelude, at the Artifact website....
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  • PSA: EwinRacing Black Friday 2018 Sale

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    PSA: EwinRacing Black Friday 2018 Sale

    EwinRacing contacted me today to pass along word that they are also having a Black Friday sale. According to their tweet, they are offering up to 30% off of their gaming chairs and desks from now until November 24 at 11:59 PM (PT).

    As you may recall, I gave a review for the EwinRacing Flash XL Gaming Chair almost exactly a month ago. I'm still using it now. It's showing no signs of wear or tear after a month. Yeah, it's only a month but I figured an update wouldn't...
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