Ubisoft not only smashed their own records, they also smashed industry-wide records with The Division.

Ubisoft notes that The Division is their best-selling game both for single-day sales and for the first week of sales. In its first five days, The Division sold more than $330 million around the world. This remarkable feat also surpasses the former record holder, Destiny, which debuted at $325 million sold in its first five days.

Beyond this achievement, Ubisoft revealed some other statistics from this first week of release. They note that at its peak this weekend, there were 1.2 million concurrent users playing. In the first week, players logged more than 100 million hours of game time.

I'd say the success is quite rightfully earned here. To their credit, Massive and Ubisoft have done a tremendous job reacting to issues that have popped up. Despite some launch day hiccups with the servers, it's been mostly smooth sailing, a rather remarkable feat given that this is Ubisoft's first MMO-like release. Even better is the fact that The Division was designed in such a way that many of the changes for the game don't need a client update, thus resulting in fast updates for all platforms without the need for console certification.

(via UbiBlog)
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