The new expansions will see some content cycled in and out of existence.
Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2 has become one of the biggest games in the market today. With its many expansions over the years, it gets even more prominent – with many players willing to experience it. Like other games, Destiny 2 has increased its fan base by attracting a new generation of gamers.

Well, there are many reasons why. For instance, playing Destiny 2 means there’s a story that you can follow, making the entire gaming experience more exciting. Also, since Destiny 2 is created for the current generation of personal computers and consoles, players can expect much shorter loading times.

Destiny 2 is one of the best games because everything has been streamlined. It contains smart improvements and tweaks that make the game more convenient to play. For example, gamers don’t need to wait long before getting new gear. Density 2 will automatically scan your inventory and award you the loot you can get.

With all that said, there are many things to look forward to with Destiny 2. This means more weapons, strikes, levels, gear, and raids. Regarding raids, the game has a feature wherein gamers can team up with other pro players to run raids fast. This service is called Destiny 2 raid carry. Given the game’s popularity, many websites like offer raid-carry services to help players perform raid boosts safely.

But aside from the ones mentioned above, several expansions are underway to make the game more fun. For instance, as part of their pre-release stream for the current Season of Arrivals for Destiny 2, Bungie also let the cat out of the bag for the next three expansions. That's right, there are three expansions already announced for Destiny 2 that will be released through to 2022. It all begins this September with Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

On September 22, 2020, Beyond Light will be released for Destiny 2. When it is released, there will be a wealth of new content released for the game, as one would expect for a full, new expansion. However, Bungie is also taking the approach that they need to cycle some content out of the game in order to keep the install size down. They plan to remove content that is no longer relevant to players. This is actually a rather large net that they are apparently casting out for this.

Bungie notes that the game is around 115GB just to download and play these days. They say that since launch, they've added roughly 25GB of content each year to Destiny 2. They cite issues with drive capacity and limits on patching capability when games get to be too large. The larger the game is, the longer it takes to finalize, test, and get a patch ready when the game is this large. They specifically mention that it takes them days to generate builds instead of hours.

From what Bungie has revealed, the initial round of cut content includes Mercury, Io, Titan, Mars, and Leviathan. This includes all PvE activities at these locations. For example, Bungie says that the Warmind campaign represented just 0.3% of the time played in Season of the Worthy, but the Warmind Expansion accounted for 5% of their total install size.

This cut content is all going in what Bungie is calling the "Destiny Content Vault." This Vault will include content that was cut, but will allow the team to retool them and possibly bring them back for limited time events. This also includes the original Destiny content like the Vault of Glass raid.

That is correct: Bungie will bring over some fan-favorite OG Destiny content like the Vault of Glass raid. That is already confirmed to be returning in Destiny 2 Year 4, which begins in 2021.

Going forward, our explicit goal will be to try to keep the scope and scale of Destiny 2 at a relatively consistent size in order to increase our agility and to be able to properly support and maintain the game. Over the course of each year, the game’s content scope will grow as we add new destinations and activities in our expansions and Seasons. As we approach the next expansion, another cycle of content will go into the DCV to make way for a new influx of destinations and activities.
Bungie also confirms that they are not making a Destiny 3. There is no Destiny 3 and there may never be a Destiny 3. With today's announcement, it seems as though Destiny 2 is more akin to just "Destiny" in that it's all one universe now. I wouldn't be surprised if they completely rebranded from calling it "Destiny 2" to simply "Destiny" as time goes on. The game is now ever evolving and will continue to do so through 2022 at least.

That brings us to the real meat of today's announcement. On September 22, 2020 Bungie will release their Beyond Light expansion.

In 2021, the new expansion will be Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion. In 2022 they will release Destiny 2: Lightfall. These are all expansions that will also have a near full year of Seasonal content. Each expansion will presumably launch in the fall, much like with the Beyond Light expansion this Fall.

Destiny 2 expansions

We actually know very little about The Witch Queen and Lightfall at present. However, let's see a little bit about what's coming with Beyond Light.

A new power is born out of the ancient Pyramid Ship above Europa's frozen frontier, and a dark empire has risen beneath, united under the banner of the Fallen Kell of Darkness, Eramis. Join your fellow Guardians and bring down the empire at any cost – even if it means wielding the Darkness itself.

The splintered houses of the Fallen have rallied and built their new Empire on the icy moon of Europa. Brave the unrelenting glacial frontier, infiltrate the Golden Age Braytech facility, and uncover the secrets that lie deep under the ancient ice.

As the new threat emerges, so too does a mysterious new power – Stasis.

Rooted in Darkness, Guardians will wield this new elemental power alongside Arc, Solar, and Void, summoning epic supers to dominate the battlefield. Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters each use Stasis in a different way, from slowing down foes with Stasis fields to encasing and shattering enemies with destructive might.

There are those who believe Europa is nothing more that a frozen Golden Age graveyard, its treasures long ago swallowed by ice and darkness. You know better. Beneath the ruins lie countless relics, an arsenal of weapons, and more. Claim this cutting-edge tech from the clutches of time and dare to tame the wasteland.

Below the frozen tundra of Europa lies the Deep Stone Crypt For decades it has remained dormant. Your fireteam cautiously approaches, weapons raised, and the final plan is set in motion.
Destiny 2 Beyond Light CE

Pre-orders for Beyond Light are now live across all digital platforms. Bungie is also offering up a physical Collector's Edition for those that want some physical items in addition to a bunch of digital goodies. This physical release will set fans back a cool $199.99 (USD).

Furthermore, Bungie also revealed today that there will be cross-gen play between the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 along with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. They also said that all of the content you have purchased on the current generation of consoles will carry over if and when you get a next-gen console at no extra charge.

Speaking of the next-gen version of Destiny 2, Bungie confirmed today that the game will run at 4K and 60FPS on both next-gen platforms. Not too shabby at all.