First thing is first, Activision and Bungie have put together an "accolades" commercial for Destiny. What do you do though when the game doesn't review as well as you had hoped? Well, you start to look for sites that aren't the usual "go to" sites for scores to use.

That's certainly one way to put a bit of a spin on the accolades trailer. Unfortunately, it's not all lighthearted laughs today in the world of Bungie and Destiny. It seems as though, from at least one unconfirmed report, that the story back 2013 was much, much different than what the game ended up releasing with. I mean, at least there was a story to speak of then! A now removed post on Reddit claims to be from an person that was allegedly invited out to be part of a Bungie Test Group.

It was part of a User Research Case Study and he signed an NDA. That may explain why he later removed the post, but not before someone else grabbed a screenshot of it.

Feel free to read through it because there is more story in those eight or so paragraphs than there is in the entirety of the released version of Destiny. The user also notes that the progression of the game was a bit different during testing. It used to go Earth, Venus, Mars, and then the Moon. It's also important to note that the Traveler was responsible to nearly wiping out humanity hundreds of years ago and is the cause of the Darkness and not an opposing force as it's presented in the game today. The truth became so mangled over time that the Speakers believe the Traveler is good.

Essentially, there used to be an actual plot in Destiny.

A further bit of reading via Reddit, also notes that there were at least two other locations on Earth besides Old Russia that gamers would be able to play at, which included Chicago. There were also locations such as the rings of Saturn, Charlemagne's Vault, and more. Even Old Russia included additional areas that are locked off or removed in the final game. Beyond that, the bulk of the story that appears only in the online-only Grimoire Cards, began their creation in February 2014. Yes, this year.

Finally, let's wrap this Destiny-fest up with a look at some of the content that's being released in the coming months. How? Well, a gamer ran into a glitch that allowed them to see all of the content currently included on the disc for Destiny. This includes content and DLC that is still months down the line.

It seems as though at least some of the paid DLC content is already a part of your game files. It could very well just be limited to the "Destination" map icons and descriptions and nothing more.

(Top image via Reddit)