6 million players and counting.
Astronaut sitting in a cockpit of a space ship.

Bethesda Game Studios announced mere minutes ago that Starfield is the largest ever release for Bethesda. It's not clear if this is the largest release for Bethesda Softworks (the publisher), Bethesda Game Studios (the developer) or just "Bethesda" in general. Let's just go with "Bethesda" in the general sense here because no other clarification was offered.

Whatever the case may be, Starfield seems to be a pretty big hit for Bethesda and Microsoft. The announcement tweet says that there have been over 6 million people that have played Starfield in some capacity already.

That's rather impressive given that the game is only available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. It gets a little less impressive when you also factor in that it also includes everyone that has tried out the game through Game Pass. Now, we'll see how that number grows over time and when Bethesda re-re-releases the game three or four console generations in the future.