Who is Square Enix to deny the fans?
A screenshot from Final Fantasy 16 showing a person wearing light armor and with a sword on their back is bent down petting a dog.

Square Enix is thinking about adding some DLC to Final Fantasy 16. This change from not having any DLC planned for the game comes after Square Enix saw how much fans wanted it.

Look at these fans, twisting Square Enix's arm to let them spend more money.

A May 2023 interview with director Hiroshi Takai said that there were no plans for DLC and that Square Enix was instead waiting to see how fans would react before committing to anything more. Now, a more recent interview from producer Naoki Yoshida says that they have heard the fan response loud and clear.

"As you know, going into FFXVI, the one thing we wanted to do is create a full complete story, something you can enjoy from beginning to end one hundred percent without any DLC. And I think we were able to do that.

"But now we understand that we’re getting feedback from players that have played the game and a lot of players want to see more and we know that and understand that,” he continued. “For us, we’re taking that and then thinking about our options moving forward, so hopefully in the near future we can have something that we can give to you all.​"
Like the plans for DLC, Final Fantasy 16 wasn't initially going to have a day one patch. Alas, those plans also changed and a day one patch was released, though it was a very, very small patch.

As for the PC version of Final Fantasy 16, there has been nothing new revealed on that front. The last we heard is that the PC version is still being worked on.