Here we go again.
Silent Hill leak

A new Silent Hill game is allegedly in development. Or is that multiple new Silent Hill games are in development? Maybe no Silent Hill games are in development? Or there is a Silent Hill game in development by Kojima Productions? Or is that Bloober Team? Konami perhaps getting back to making games?

It's so difficult to keep up with the countless Silent Hill rumors out there these days. We have seen everything under the sun about this franchise maybe or maybe not making a comeback over the past several years since Konami dumped Silent Hills, which P.T. was a teaser for.

Last night, known leaker (though one with a dubious track record) Dusk Golem posted several images that he claims are from a new Silent Hill game that is in development. Dusk Golem claims that they are from a "relatively new source" to him, but he says he is inclined to believe his source after being "given more than enough proof." Yeah, it's one of those leaks.

Dusk Golem did include some other bits of information with these images. He mentions the names of "Anita & Maya" as well as "SMS messages" and says that this is not the only Silent Hill game in development. It's not clear from his intentionally vague remarks, but that whole "SMS messages" bit could be a resurrection of an old Hideo Kojima idea. Kojima apparently wanted to send the player actual real-life text messages to their phone that would be from the in-game characters when they were not actively playing.

If the images showing up on Twitter were the only thing we had to go on with this story, we wouldn't be reading this at all. It's the fact that Konami issued a copyright takedown on the images that makes this leak a lot more believable than others that have come before it.

That said, as this is the Internet, it seems as though the images are already widely available since last night's leak. We are including the images below, but if they aren't there when you look then Konami got to us.

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