Here we go again.
Silent Hills

Time and time again we see a new rumor surface that Konami is working on a new Silent Hill game. It's a rumor that, like many rumors about old and beloved franchises, just doesn't want to ever die. So let's just get on with it.

The latest rumor comes from Rely On Horror (site is getting hammered as of this posting). They say that at least two different sources have told them that not only is Silent Hill coming back, but it's coming back thanks to Sony. Sony isn't just working on one Silent Hill game either! They are reportedly working on a "Silent Hill series reboot" and are working on reviving Silent Hills. You may recall Silent Hills for its work in P.T., one of the best horror experiences ever released that ended up being a stealth playable teaser for Silent Hills staring Norman Reedus. Some guy named Hideo Kojima was working on it with some other guy named Guillermo del Toro. I don't know, sounds like a couple of nobodies if you ask me.

According to one Rely on Horror source, Keiichiro Toyama, Akira Yamaoka, and Masahiro Ito are teaming up to create a "soft reboot" of the Silent Hill series. Toyama was the director and writer for the original 1998 Silent Hill. Yamaoka was the composer for most of the franchise. Masahiro Ito was a monster designer and art director for the franchise since before the original game was released. These three would apparently team up with SIE Japan Studio, "which possibly includes team members from 'Project Siren,' the group behind Siren: Blood Curse for the PlayStation 3."

Rely on Horror's first source that this soft reboot has allegedly been in the works "in some capacity" for about a year now.

Now, where it gets a bit more credible is the fact that Rely on Horror's second source, "which has no connection to the first," says that they have been aware of Ito's involvement in a new Silent Hill project. Rely on Horror was provided this information some time ago, presumably before they heard the additional details from their other source that provided additional credibility to what they were given.

Beyond this soft reboot, Rely on Horror has been told that a second Silent Hill title is in the works. This one seems to be a revival of Silent Hills, the Silent Hill reboot that Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus were working on before Kojima and Konami had a bad breakup. According to Rely on Horror's first source, Sony has been working to "patch up the relationship between Kojima Productions and Konami in order to resurrect the game due to the amount of buzz and continued demand for it." Keep in mind that Silent Hills was announced via P.T. over five years ago in September of 2014.

Rely on Horror's other source also shared this information with the site in the past. It is only now being reported because of the confidence in the legitimacy of the rumors that two separate sources have shared with them.

Source number one goes on to say that the game will even make use of the next-gen PlayStation VR headset for PlayStation 5. Allegedly, Sony has pitched the game to Kojima as a title more akin to a TellTale/Supermassive narrative-driven title, which would offer him “full creative freedom.” Our source does emphasize, however, that Silent Hills is not yet a done deal, and that for now the only game in active development is the reboot from SIE Japan Studio. While Sony is pushing for the series’ comeback, our sources do not say that they’re out to own the Silent Hill IP; Sony and Konami are working together on these titles.
I can't say that I necessarily think this particular bit about it being a VR title is true, however. Saying that "Sony is pushing the game to Kojima as a narrative-driven title" while still also trying to say that he would have "full creative freedom" sounds like two statements that are very much at odds with one another.

There are a couple of small details that do lend some credibility to all of this being true. Back in January 2020, both Rely on Horror and Eurogamer presented completely independent reports about two Silent Hill games being in development. Really, this is where a bulk of today's rumor stems up. The only real "new" details in today's rumor is the fact that Sony is involved to such a large degree.

Now, before today's updated rumor and January's rumors, some interesting developments occurred. Namely, members of Kojima Productions put up some perplexing tweets near the end of February. These tweets, though seemingly innocent, did include a few things that, at least at the time, appeared to be fuel for the conspiracy theorists out there.

Fans still holding on to the dream of Silent Hills really latched on to things in the tweets such as the use of "Silent," the pencil being "PYRAMID" branded, the word "Head" as in PYRAMID Head, and the notepad saying "next week." Presumably there may have been something revealed last week had things gone well with the Sony mediated negotiations between Kojima Productions and Konami, but perhaps they didn't pan out. It's obviously easy to dismiss this all as a silly conspiracy or that people were seeing things when there was nothing to see, but with these rumors resurfacing yet again, well it's just becomes a bit too difficult to dismiss these things completely.

KojiPro Silent Hill conspiracy

Around the same time in late February 2020 when Kojima Productions were sending Silent Hill fans into a tizzy over what could amount to nothing, Masahiro Ito also began posting some interesting things on his Twitter.

Again, that seems innocent enough, until you look back at something else Ito said back in 2017.

After mourning the death of Pyramid Head, Ito then sent this tweet out in late February.

Whatever is happening, this is either a very exciting time to be a fan of the Silent Hill franchise, or you're just tired of having these rumors pop up every few months. Whatever the case is, there is one thing that can be said for sure: These sure are the most rumor-ass rumors we've reported on in a while here.