In my restless dreams, I see that town.
Silent Hill 2

Last week, several images that reportedly came from a new Silent Hill project leaked online. The initial leak was struck by a copyright claim from Konami and were promptly removed, which just meant that the leak was probably quite legitimate.

This week, a new report from VGC says that Konami has not one but several new Silent Hill projects in active development at multiple studios.

First off, VGC mentions a new rumor/leak by NateTheHate. NateTheHate is the person who leaked the early release of Halo Infinite's multiplayer before the official announcement was made. This weekend, NateTheHate said that one of the Silent Hill projects currently in development is a remake of 2001's Silent Hill 2.

NateTheHate, with some additional confirmations by Jeff Grubb, says that the Silent Hill 2 remake is being worked on by Bloober Team. According to what was shared, this new Silent Hill 2 will feature reworked AI, animations, puzzles, along with several new endings. It may also end up being a timed-exclusive to PlayStation consoles before hitting other platforms.

Bloober has not been shy about wanting to work on the Silent Hill franchise. They have actively tried to court former Konami staff that worked on the Silent Hill franchise, even working with Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka on the very problematic The Medium. Bloober also announced a "co-operation agreement" with Konami back in 2021. Several months before that, Bloober said that they were working on an existing horror IP from a "very famous gaming publisher."

Trusting Bloober to gracefully handle the themes in Silent Hill 2 is just asking for trouble, but I digress.

Another project reportedly in active development is a series of episodic "short stories" set in the Silent Hill universe. Two independent sources told VGC that these episodes will be from Annapurna Interactive. Now, Annapurna Interactive is a game publisher, so it's not been made clear which studio is actually handling the development of these episodes for them.

Finally, there may be an entirely new mainline entry in development for the Silent Hill franchise. The images that were leaked last week are reportedly from that new mainline title. It is said to be in development at an unnamed studio in Japan. The leaked images reportedly come from a planned pre-release teaser game, codenamed "Sakura," which is said to be out as a free digital download ahead of the actual game's release.

Obviously, all of these should be taken with some measure of salt. For months and years now, we have seen all manner of rumors involving the Silent Hill franchise. Just last year, we kept hearing about how a new Silent Hill was coming from Hideo Kojima or Blue Box Game Studios. While there is some stronger evidence with these current leaks, nothing is known for sure and nothing may be set in stone just yet.