Those with high refresh rate monitors will be happy with this one.

BioWare just announced what players across all platforms should expect when Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is released on May 14. For instance, those on PC will be happy to hear that the collection of titles supports up to 240 FPS and refresh rates of 240Hz. PC gamers also get the benefit of being able to tweak several graphical options to find that balance of performance vs. visuals.

As for the consoles, the minimum framerate for any console is 30FPS when favoring the "Quality" option, and up to 120FPS when favoring the "Framerate" option. A handy chart was provided to show just what each platform is capable of hitting. Curiously, while the Xbox Series X can hit 120FPS in Framerate mode, the PlayStation 5 tops off at just 60FPS.

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BioWare does note that things like "target resolution and framerate, as well as the consistency with which those targets are achieved, are highly dependent on the console."