A deal is reportedly nearing between EA, BioWare, and Amazon.
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A new report suggests that Amazon Studios is nearing a deal to create a new Mass Effect TV series based on the sci-fi RPG from BioWare. This information comes from a Deadline report about the recent success of the Wheel of Time adaptation from Amazon.

Deadline's report says Amazon is already getting more adaptations ready for other popular franchises. Mass Effect is one of those franchises. Their report says that while a deal is not yet finalized, it is nearing. This means that Amazon and EA are not yet fully agreed on the terms.

Beyond this reporting, there is no word yet as to if this would be an original story set in the Mass Effect universe, or a story that takes after the games.

A TV series for Mass Effect wouldn't exactly be weird. The franchise has already spanned four mainline video games, several novels, various comics, an adult coloring book, and even became an amusement park ride called Mass Effect: New Earth.

A Mass Effect TV series would be in good company at Amazon. The production studio is also working on a Fallout TV show from the creators of Westworld Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Bethesda's Todd Howard recently said in a Reddit AMA that "work on the Fallout TV series is ongoing." There is also the upcoming HBO series for The Last of Us and the Uncharted film starring Tom Holland.

The most recent release for Mass Effect was a visually enhanced bundle of the first three titles called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.