Salvation's Edge is a new raid in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. This guide will help you navigate and complete it.

How to Start the Raid
  1. Complete The Final Shape Campaign.
  2. Finish the Wild Card Exotic Quest.
  3. Reach Power Level 1965.
  4. Prepare a Fireteam of 6 players.
  5. Open the Director, select "The Pale Heart," and find Salvation's Edge on the map.
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Encounter 1: Substratum
  1. Initiate the Encounter:
    • Pick up the Pyramidal Triangle and deposit it into the box labeled "Deposit Resonance."
  2. Divide into Teams:
    • Split into two groups of three and enter different doors. Be cautious of explosive Harpies.
  3. Defeat the Hydra:
    • Each team needs to kill a Hydra to open doors. The first team to finish will help open doors for the other team.
  4. Eliminate Minotaur and Overload Champion:
    • Defeat the Quantum Minotaur and then the Overload Champion to spawn a Threshold Sentinel Tormentor in the center room.
  5. Defeat the Tormentor:
    • Return to the center room and kill the Threshold Sentinel Tormentor.
  6. Repeat Process:
    • Repeat these steps until two Tormentors have been defeated.
  7. Activate Plates and Gather Resonance:
    • Stand on glowing plates to transfer a beam of light. Collect Pyramidal Resonance triangles during this process. Ensure each player collects three Resonance.
  8. Lock the Plates:
    • Lock the plates by shooting the spire’s glowing yellow diamond and stepping on the plates at the correct time.
  9. Defeat the Harbinger of the Witness:
    • Kill the Harbinger of the Witness in the main room and deposit the collected Pyramidal Resonance.
  10. Repeat Cycle:
    • Continue this process until you have collected and deposited 45 Pyramidal Resonance.
Encounter 2: Herald of Finality
  1. Setup:
    • Assign two players to each Resonance Conduit pillar (left, right, and center).
  2. Begin the Encounter:
    • Shoot the Taken blights to spawn the boss and enemies. Protect the plates from enemies.
  3. Manage Enemies and Buffs:
    • Kill enemies to spawn Taken blights, destroy them, and collect buffs (Beckoned to Fight, Call for Reckoning, and Stolen Valor).
  4. Transfer Energy:
    • Bounce energy between plates, collecting and locking different types of Resonance.
  5. Deposit Resonance:
    • Deposit Resonance to add time to the Final Shape Looming timer.
  6. Damage the Boss:
    • Lower the boss’s shield by completing mechanics and deal as much damage as possible. Repeat this process until the boss is defeated.
Encounter 3: Carve a Path
  1. Start the Encounter:
    • Kill the Threshold Sentinel Tormentor to unlock the plates.
  2. Use the Plates:
    • Transfer the current back and forth to generate Resonance. Collect the appropriate type of Resonance for each pillar.
  3. Close the Conduits:
    • Close the Conduits using the correct type of Resonance.
  4. Advance:
    • After depositing Resonance, more enemies will appear. Defeat them to unlock the door and proceed.
  5. Final Level:
    • Repeat the procedure on the next level and defeat the Unstoppable Incendior to complete this encounter.
Encounter 4: See Beyond
  1. Start the Encounter:
    • Interact with the "Free Guardian" statue to begin.
  2. Gather Resonance:
    • The separated player must complete symbols by collecting Resonance from Knights.
  3. Identify and Place Statues:
    • The team outside identifies and places shapes into the correct statues.
  4. Rescue Ghosts:
    • Identify and deposit the correct Ghost shells into the Guardian statues.
  5. Repeat Steps:
    • Repeat this process until the encounter is cleared.
Final Encounter: The Witness
  1. Target the Bands:
    • Shoot the bands on the arms sticking up from the ground to collect resonance shapes.
  2. Avoid Attacks:
    • Evade the Witness’s attacks by stepping inside the trajectory or jumping.
  3. Activate DPS Phase:
    • Shoot the glyphs on The Witness’s jacket to start the damage phase.
  4. Defeat The Witness:
    • Deal as much damage as possible during the DPS phase. Repeat until The Witness is defeated.

This guide will help you tackle and overcome the difficult encounters in Salvation's Edge. Best of luck, Guardians!