Season of the Worthy has angered Destiny 2 fans in record time.
Destiny 2: Season of the Bounty

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy launched on Tuesday. It took maybe 45 minutes after the new Season's release for the first complaint thread to pop up on Reddit. It usually takes a few days, usually a couple of weeks, before the honeymoon phase ends for a new Destiny 2 content drop. This took 45 minutes and that's a generous estimate. It's not even "just a Reddit thing" either. I've seen the same sentiments and complaints echoed on forums, Discord, and community threads all over. I personally spent about 30 to 45 minutes playing the new season before I saw what this season was going to end up being, at which point I quit and uninstalled Destiny 2 from my computer.

The new season is bad. It's really bad. Some have already taken to calling it "Season of the Bounty" because that is really all the new season's gameplay loop consists of: Bounties and a repetitive public event. This season offers no new Ritual/Pinnacle weapons to go after save for a bow obtained via Iron Banner. Speaking of Iron Banner, there still isn't any new armor. Planetary vendors have not been refreshed for ages now. If you didn't know any better, it would seem as though Bungie is creatively bankrupt.

But you know what? At least Eververse is still thriving with new and exciting cosmetics. The in-game store even features content that would have been perfect for unique drops in the Scarlet Keep Nightfall from the Shadowkeep expansion. The Scarlet Keep Nightfall doesn't have any unique drops, so it's not even as though these items are in addition to things you could earn by playing the game or accomplishing some challenging feat. No, instead you have to buy them either with the Bright Dust in-game currency or with real money. With the Bright Dust economy having been completely gutted over the past few Seasons, it is nearly impossible to buy all, or even some, of the cosmetics you want just by playing the game. This is very evident if you tend more towards being a "casual" Destiny 2 player. It is perhaps far easier to earn more than a pittance of Bright Dust if playing and streaming Destiny 2 is part of your day job.

Also introduced this season is the ability to crash the opposing team in a round of Gambit simply by leveling up. Destiny 2 now also hangs or outright crashes when attempting to exit back to the desktop on PC. This happened to me the last time I tried to exit the game before uninstalling. Bungie completely broke the scaling on the normal version of the Whisper of the Worm quest and both normal and heroic versions of the Outbreak Perfected quest. This means players can now just run through these once challenging special quests and one shot everything.

Apparently the Wish Ender quest now crashes your game when you talk to the statue to continue making progress on the quest. The Arcstrider subclass for Hunters has a new bug where, if you are killed while your Super is active, you will respawn with the same amount of Super refunded. Titan bubbles are not creating orbs of light. The list just goes on. The Destiny 2 subreddit has been filled with threads and comments about a multitude of issues.

I don't even know where would be a good place to quickly mention how absolutely livid many players were about the unannounced change to emblems and stat tracking. For those unaware, there were a number of emblems that displayed very specific feats that you as a player have accomplished in the game. This could be something like showing how much of the Fractaline material you donated in the previous season, Season of Dawn. Maybe it showed just how many flawless runs of Trials you had when it first existed in Destiny 1 year 1. Bungie decided to just wipe those from showing up on their unique emblems. Feats that players were proud enough of to display to everyone were just wiped in favor of a vastly stripped down system that allows you to select from a pool of generic stats to display. There were some stats that players spent the entirety of Destiny 2's life (roughly two and a half years) building up so that they could boast about them that are just now removed from the game.

What does Bungie do in response to all of this? They release their weekly "This Week at Bungie" with statements that amount to nothing much beyond their all too common phrase of "we're listening."

Before we embark on the first TWAB of the new Season, we’d like to acknowledge some feedback that we’ve been seeing in the wild. We had a large change to emblems and stat trackers, which we’ll be talking about later in the TWAB. We’re also seeing some discussion on the new weapons of the season, and lack of Ritual Weapons for Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit. The team is currently reviewing and discussing the feedback, and we will be looking to talk about our goals for weapons in a future TWAB.

There are a variety of other topics, from Eververse to armor mods, which we’re collecting feedback on and discussing internally as a team. While we don’t have any specific changes to announce at this time, we wanted to make sure you know that we see the feedback and are actively discussing this internally. Once we have more information, we’ll be sure to let you know.
That would be great and all to hear that they're listening, but this is something that Bungie just keeps doing time and time and time again. They did this through the first Destiny game. They did this through the previous couple years now of Destiny 2. They do this any and every time the community has valid concerns about the game. It's always a "we're listening" and then nothing happens for months or, and this is more common, they end up screwing up elsewhere and people just kind of forget about the earlier things that are bad or broken. It's just the same song and dance every time.

It almost makes a fan long for the days of when Bungie was still with Activision. At least then they had the ability to be supported by other Activision owned studios like Vicarious Visions and High Moon. Now, they've only got themselves and it's clear that it's just not enough. It's also clear that it wasn't necessarily Activision that was pushing for the numerous Eververse microtransactions all the time. Who knows just how Bungie's new project with NetEase fits into all of this.

It's just sad. It's sad, disappointing, and incredibly frustrating. It's clear that Destiny's biggest problem has been, and will continue to be, Bungie.