Bungie seems to be in it for the long haul with Destiny 2.

With everything currently going on with new Destiny 2 content, it probably stands to reason that Bungie isn't exactly ready yet to talk about anything related to Destiny 3. That is, assuming, there is ever a Destiny 3. So far, it appears as though the independent studio is content with just constantly updating Destiny 2 with new content and seasons, at least for the foreseeable future.

In an interview with PCGamesN, Bungie's David ‘DeeJ’ Dague notes that the fans will "have to wait a little longer" for Destiny 3. The studio's communications director continues on to explain where the company currently sits with respect to any potential sequels.

"I don’t have any good announcements to make about the next bold moves we’ll make in the franchise,” Dague tells us when asked how long Bungie will stay with Destiny 2 before moving on to Destiny 3. “Right now our commitment and our attention is to make the seasons that will unfold over the course of the next year interesting and sustain a perennial story arc that will keep players engaged."

"I understand the question you’re asking and it’s certainly an interesting one, and we’ll have a lot of cool stuff to say on that later, but I’m afraid that moment will have to wait a little bit longer."
Though Destiny 2 originally released way back in September 2017, the game is still going along at a somewhat steady rate with new content. Bungie just recently released the latest major expansion, Shadowkeep, just a couple of months ago. They released the latest themed Season, Season of Dawn, just last week. Like the other Seasons, this will add new content, gear, story missions, and more over a number of weeks. This will run through to 2020 at which point the next Season will be released.

The current (as of December 19, 2019) roadmap for the Season of Dawn can be found below.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn roadmap

When, or if, there is a Destiny 3 there is just one thing that will continue to hold true: Cayde-6 is dead.