Looks like the leak, along with Jon Bernthal, was true.
Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Yesterday, a little leak revealed that the next Ghost Recon game was going to be called Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Today, Ubisoft announced the name of their next Ghost Recon game. It's called Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Surprise!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be released on October 4 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. I'm assuming the PC release will be done through Uplay and the Epic Games Store only.

It also apparently confirms that the guy from the latest Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC that looks like Jon Bernthal is, in fact, played by Jon Bernthal. The character's name is Cole D. Walker. Walker is a former Ghost and a "brother-in-arms whom players first met in Ghost Recon Wildlands' Operation Oracle." I literally just said this.

In Breakpoint, Walker betrays the Ghosts and now leads the Wolves. They are a group of elite former military soldiers that have captured a facility on Auroa. Since they're so elite and all, they are apparently a bigger and more deadly threat than anything else Nomad (one of the Ghosts) has ever faced before. They have some new technology that other foes didn't really possess. That includes stuff like weaponized Skell drones and probably some futuristic weapons or something. Really, Ubisoft didn't get into too much detail here.

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We know that you can play either solo or as part of a four player co-op again. A big theme for Breakpoint is "survival." Ubisoft consultant, a 14-year Green Beret veteran, Emil Daubon, had this to say.

"We wanted to create a fantasy where the player was truly trapped behind enemy lines in a survival and combat scenario. There's a palpable, visceral stress and anxiety of being alone in a hostile environment and needing to rely on your surroundings to procure food, water, ammo, weapons, and equipment."
It seems as though the environments in the fictional location of Auroa will be just as dangerous as gun toting humans. Apparently "exhaustion and injury" will be a thing you need to watch out for. You can't just go running down every slope and expect to be just fine if you trip and fall. Running uphill will exhaust your player and slow your movement and recovery means slowing down, resting, or drinking water.

Semi-permanent injuries can occur and will hinder your gameplay until they're treated. of course, you can only really heal outside of battle. A shot to the leg will slow your movement, while a shot to the arm will impede your aim. Ubisoft also mentions that Breakpoint will now allow you to carry bodies. This also ties into co-op in that you can now carry your co-op partners to safety so that they can heal.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will also include competitive PvP at launch. Ubisoft notes that there will be shared progression between the PvP and PvE modes. More details on Breakpoint, including details about refined stealth gameplay, a new class sytem, and more, can be found at the Ubisoft blog. Two trailers, one being the announcement trailer, the other a gameplay overview, can be found below.