Ubisoft didn't let their recent Sam Fisher teaser stew for too long before revealing all today. Starting April 10, the free "Special Operations I" update will be released on the PC, PS4, and XB1 and with it will come Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher in this special Splinter Cell themed event.

Those who complete the mission will gain access to Sam Fisher's night-vision goggles. Keep in mind that this event will only run until May 2, so be sure to complete the mission before then.
In addition to this special crossover event, Special Operations I will introduce a new Echelon assault class to Ghost Recon Wildlands' Ghost War PVP mode. As you might expect, the Echelon class is a part of Sam's Fourth Echelon team, giving them access to fancy gadgetry, like the Sonar Pulse that enables them to see enemies through walls at close range. Echelon will be available for purchase with Prestige points or via the Ghost Recon Wildlands Year 2 Pass which will grant owners seven-day early access to the class ahead of non-pass owners. The class will also be available for use in Sabotage, a new PvP game mode included in the free update that also introduces five exclusive new maps.

If you're on the hunt for more Splinter Cell-themed goodies, you can customize your Ghosts with the Splinter Cell Equipment pack, which includes new customization options and weapons, like the karambit knife featured in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.


If you don't yet own Ghost Recon: Wildlands, you're in luck. There will be a sale running from April 12-15 for all Wildlands content. In addition, there is a free weekend for the game running at the same time across all platforms. If you purchase the game after your free weekend time, your progress will carry over.

Ubisoft also notes that Year 2 of Wildlands will bring more content over the coming months. This content includes six new Ghost War classes, new missions, and some community requested features. These features include the ability to customize the appearance of your AI squadmates.