Teen Titans
It's Thursday, which means it's time for some games to be released and updated? Uh, I guess so? It's not the usual release date but we had a few releases today plus at least one game update to pass along in this the latest, and most certainly greatest, Newsbits.

Pool Panic is out today on the Nintendo Switch and PC. It's a pool simulator. Rather, it's the "World's Least Realistic Pool Simulator" as Adult Swim Games and Rekim are calling it.
Pool Panic offers tons of over-the-top games and activities to play with pool balls across a sprawling cartoon overworld full of cities, carnivals, jungles, deserts and more. Line up the perfect shot through over 100 levels of pool-based shenanigans featuring soccer, mini-golf, winter sports, summer sports, dive bars, night clubs, birthday cakes, ghosts, zombies, pirate ships, lollipop forests, and so many other things we can’t even put to words (we tried).

Enter the Gungeon has a free "Gungeons & Dragons" expansion out now. There is also a 50% off sale for the game across the Switch, PS4, XB1, Steam, and GOG.
Enter the Gungeon: Advanced Gungeons & Draguns is a massive new expansion that extends and refines the original game with new features and incredible variety. Master Gungeoneers will face new challenges with hundreds of new rooms, new enemies, new bosses and a reflex-testing Turbo Mode. And of course, a shot at revenge against everyone’s favorite thief, the Resourceful Rat.

Getting started with Enter the Gungeon has never been easier with more generous drop rates, hundreds of new gun and item synergies, and dozens of totally new weapons and items that will have new players feeling more powerful, more often.

Nidhogg 2 is out today for the Xbox One.
Offer up your flesh in tribute - the wurm brings great tidings. Nidhogg 2 is available now on Xbox One, bringing with it two exclusive levels: Messhof Corporate Headquarters and the Elevated Train. You won’t be the only tantalizing offer, though. The eldritch horrors at Messhof Games are slashing the price of Nidhogg 2 to celebrate its Xbox One debut.

Nidhogg 2 is on sale for 20% off (regularly $14.99 USD) for this launch window.

Teen Titans Go Figure! is out today for iOS and Android mobile devices and priced at just $3.99 (USD).
Combining the adorable 3D stylized figures, action-packed battle system and exciting shopping simulation of the original in a new adventure, Teen Titans GO Figure! features DC universe’s greatest Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Someone’s trying to put the Teeny Titans Figure Company out of business and all signs point to… the Justice League?! Play as Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire or Beast Boy, and journey across iconic locations like Metropolis, the Hall of Justice, Gotham City, Wayne Manor, the Batcave, Arkham Asylum and the orbiting Justice League Watchtower to solve this larger-than-life mystery.

Teen Titans GO Figure! features nearly 100 exciting figures to battle and level up. Collect fan-favorites like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Black Lightning, Swamp Thing, Shazam and more, each customizable with new paints, abilities and accessories. You’ll meet up with tons of iconic DC characters along the way, including Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Commissioner Gordon, Martian Manhunter, Space Cabbie, Rainbow Raider, Booster Gold, Condiment King and more.

Life is Strange is out today for Android devices.
Enhanced with Unreal Engine® 4 and developed by Black Wing Foundation, this faithful adaptation of the original console game features full touch screen integration and in-game photo-mode, ideal for fans and newcomers alike!

This Android release offers the first episode for free, Episode 2 is $0.99 (USD) and Episodes 3-5 are $4.99 per episode. However, there is a 43% discount on the Life is Strange season pass.