At long last, Telltale Games is going to ditch their own in-house engine that has been used for a bit over 30 games at this point. They will begin to use the Unity engine for all games after The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

This means that the Telltale adventure game based on Stranger Things should be the first game built using Unity. While many may argue that Unity on consoles isn't all that great, they should agree that it's better than continuing to use Telltale's old engine. This is an engine that has resulted in a number of bugs and issues for fans over the past decade of game releases from Telltale.

This is all speculation at this point but speculation rooted with some evidence as Variety points out.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be released on August 14. Telltale's Stranger Things project does not yet have a release date. All of this also comes just a couple of weeks after news broke that Telltale's former CEO is suing the company that he helped to create.