Just as they promised, Bungie indeed laid out a rather extensive list of changes coming to Destiny 2 as a result of the growing anger from the fan base. Today's just released blog entry talks about updates coming throughout December, January, and into early 2018.

You're looking at Masterwork weapons that can add stat tracking, provide random but re-rollable stat bonuses, and more. In addition, there will be better vendor rewards including the ability to directly purchase the items you want from them. New armor ornaments will be added in early December. These specific ornaments will be unlocked by completing certain challenges in high-level end-game content.

Other highlights of this blog touch upon private PvP Crucible matches, better rewards for completing Prestige activities, better rewards for things like Strikes, Adventures, and Lost Sectors, better rewards for completing Crucible matches, changes to the Mod economy, reduction of duplicate Exotics, better emote interface, the return of Three of Coins from Xur, the addition of Fated Engrams, and still more changes to the game's still somewhat broken XP system.

And that's not even everything.
a list of improvements on the blogUpcoming Updates Overview

The actual details of the coming updates goes into quite a bit more detail on each of the above systems. For the full details, you should head on over to Bungie's website. There is a lot of additional information there.