Two new gameplay videos for Mirror's Edge Catalyst came out today. In addition, the team at DICE and EA released some new information about some of the retooled gameplay mechanics for the reboot of the franchise.
Build momentum to reach top speed and do daring jumps between rooftops or stylish slides through tight spaces. Use the new Shift move and get a short burst of acceleration in any direction. For a quick change of plan, use Quickturn for a rapid 180 or 90 degree turn.

Hit top speed quickly zipping down wire lines. Carefully balance on a ledge and transition smoothly to hanging from it. Run vertically and horizontally on any wall and use pipes to swing over gaps or around corners.

Faith needs little less than her running skills, martial arts knowledge, and determination to fight the oppression smothering the citizens of Glass. But a few pieces of hi-tech hardware will help her to traverse the city.

Mag Rope - Latches on to specific points in the world, allowing for unique traversal and interaction opportunities.
Disruptor - This upgrade of the tech in Faith's glove lets you disrupt and destroy KrugerSec and AI systems.

You don't need a gun. Use your environment, your momentum, and your physicality to fight oppression.