For gamers, summer can be a tough stretch. With a serious lack of big games coming out, it can be hard to stay engaged while we wait for that fall harvest of new next-gen titles. It’s not unlike NFL fans anxiously hanging on every piece of news, every piece of draft information and trade info, desperate for some real action while they wait for September. But where they have the draft and pre-season to focus on, we’ve got E3, which might be arguably a little bit cooler.

This year may be the most exciting one we've had since the latest console generation came out. It always takes a little time for games to truly start taking advantage of the upgraded hardware in a new console generation. However, it appears that developers are finally starting to take advantage of these beastly gaming systems, making this year's crop of games look especially great.

The marquee conference for all things gaming is taking place this year from June 16 to 18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and this year it looks like fans will finally be treated to some worthwhile information. That's especially true when you consider the previews we should see for updates on popular franchises like Fallout 4 and Mass Effect 4. Then there's the all-new technology and peripherals! Basically, we'll get to see what the big boys really have, as they're given the opportunity to flex their muscles on the next-generation hardware. In terms of hardware, that should mean a much more in-depth look at some of the virtual reality devices that are being developed, including the Oculus Rift as well as Microsoft's augmented reality device.

Beyond Fallout and Mass Effect, it's been confirmed that Street Fighter V is set to make a big splash at the conference. The title marks the first new numbered entry for the franchise since Street Fighter IV reinvented the game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2008.

The series has seen new life with some thanks due to a dedicated eSports fanbase at popular gaming tournaments. It also continues to dominate the casual market with a series of spin off-like games, including stripped-down offerings for iOS and Android in addition to slot-based versions of your favorite world warriors. In seeing these, we're hopeful that there will be a continued development of spin-offs, if only so they can bring back the series' '90s glory days—and get us a new version of Puzzle Fighter. The announcement of Street Fighter V will come complete with a dedicated fighting stage and some kind of special photo-op, so we'll be keeping an eye on that.

Luckily, those not fortunate enough to get access to this year's conference will be able to enjoy the whole thing at home. has announced that it will join the fray alongside YouTube to live-stream much of the event online. In doing so, gamers and geeks from all over the world will be able to follow all the action and news of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, no matter where they are.

This is a guest post by Jordan Polak, a freelance writer based out of Miami, Fla. When he isn't writing about or playing video games, you can find Jordan fishing at one of the local beaches.