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  • Battlefield 2042 Key Art, Screens, Release Date, and Details Leaked from Origin

    Get ready for massive maps that support up to 128 players.

    At present, the Battlefield YouTube channels is counting down to when they will actually reveal the first new trailer for the upcoming Battlefield game. However, Origin spilled the beans on themselves earlier today. For a brief period of time, Origin had screenshots, key art, and details all up and publicly viewable for the new Battlefield title.

    Speaking of which, it looks like the new Battlefield is called Battlefield...
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  • Mysterious Battlefield Teaser Sent to Content Creators

    Mysterious Battlefield Teaser Sent to Content Creators

    Huh... 3600 hours isn't a typical military time.

    Throughout the day, a handful of Battlefield-adjacent content creators were sent mysterious messages through their Twitter DMs. They were sent from the official Battlefield account to people like Lirik, Jackfrags, Westie, and DustelBox.

    On their own their message is disjointed and incomplete. When put together they paint a picture of a fallen nation, or species, caught up in a war they had no choice but to join. It's weird...
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  • Battlefield 6 Gameplay Screenshots Leak

    Battlefield 6 Gameplay Screenshots Leak

    They seem to be the real deal.

    A number of leaked gameplay images from the next Battlefield game, be it simply called Battlefield or Battlefield 6 or something else entirely, have made their way online today. These images originated on Tom Henderson's Discord channel, but not from Henderson himself. They were later confirmed to be the real deal from Henderson.

    Some evidence that points to these being real popped up in r/GamingLeaksAndRumours on Reddit. Comments noted that...
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  • Battlefield Reveal on June 9

    Battlefield Reveal on June 9

    I bet there will be explosions.

    The official Battlefield Twitter announced earlier today that the big Battlefield reveal will take place on June 9 at 7AM (PT). Though according to, that 7AM time is just when the countdown to the reveal will begin. When is the actual reveal time? Man, I don't know. Why they didn't just give us the time that the actual reveal will take place is beyond me.

    Will it be the same as the leaked trailer? Doubtful. Will it be a new...
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  • Is EA Teasing a June Reveal for the Next Battlefield?

    Is EA Teasing a June Reveal for the Next Battlefield?

    It sure seems like the official Twitter account is hinting at something.

    There has been wild speculation now for weeks about when the new Battlefield game would be revealed. We've had tons of leaks pouring out since at least late March here, but so far there hasn't been anything concrete just yet. There was even speculation that we would see the initial reveal trailer this past week, but that has obviously come and gone without anything happening.

    Now, the official Battlefield...
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  • Two Leaked Images Surface for Battlefield 6

    Two Leaked Images Surface for Battlefield 6

    The leaks are flowing freely now.

    Hot on the heels of a massive Battlefield 6 leaked information blowout comes two leaked screenshots from the upcoming game. These images were originally quite small but Reddit user, Uberkritz2, took it upon himself to use some A.I. upscaling to increase the resolution a bit.

    You may doubt the images are authentic, but they were vouched for by known Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson just a short time ago on Twitter.

    The images...
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  • Leaker Claims Battlefield 6 to Include Day/Night Cycles and Dynamic Weather

    Known leaker Tom Henderson is at it again with the Battlefield 6 leaks.

    Tom Henderson is at it again with some possible new leaks for the upcoming Battlefield game for 2021. We don't yet know if it will be called Battlefield 6 or just Battlefield as one rumor suggested or even if it will be something else entirely. What we do "know" is what Henderson shared with the world just about a day ago during his latest YouTube livestream.

    The latest from Henderson comes...
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  • DICE Has Biggest Team Ever Working on the New Battlefield Game

    DICE Has Biggest Team Ever Working on the New Battlefield Game

    Plus, a new mobile Battlefield is coming in 2022.

    Oskar Gabrielson, the general manager at DICE, just shared a few small details about the future of the Battlefield franchise. This includes a very little bit about the next PC and console Battlefield title in addition to the announcement of a new mobile Battlefield game coming in 2022.

    Gabrielson says that the reveal for the next Battlefield game is coming "soon." This may happen around or during the week of ...
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  • Noted Leaker Provides Fresh Battlefield 6 Rumors

    Noted Leaker Provides Fresh Battlefield 6 Rumors

    The latest rumors come directly from known leaker Tom Henderson.

    A leaker known for getting the facts correct more often than not, Tom Henderson, just shared some tasty new information about the next Battlefield game. The game, known by fans right now as Battlefield 6 will actually just be called Battlefield for its title. You didn't really expect DICE and EA to have a sane naming convention for this franchise, now did you?

    Battlefield will be set in a near-future setting,...
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  • Need for Speed Delayed as EA Shifts Criterion to Battlefield 6 Development

    in News

    Need for Speed Delayed as EA Shifts Criterion to Battlefield 6 Development

    New Need for Speed won't be released until 2022.

    ​Electronic Arts has delayed the development and eventual release of a new Need for Speed title until 2022. This is due to them moving the developers at Criterion Games over to supporting DICE on the next entry in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 6. Battlefield 6 is expected to be released this Fall for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

    EA says that neither franchise is in trouble. They also stressed...
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  • Next Battlefield Confirmed for 2021

    Next Battlefield Confirmed for 2021

    Support for Battlefront II and Battlefield V ending.

    DICE recently announced that they are bringing an end to new content updates for both Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield V. Just this past week, we brought you word about how DICE was ditching all future Battlefield V chapters and would have a final content drop arrive this Summer.

    In addition, this week's release of the Battle on Scarif update for Battlefront II marks that particular game's final content update....
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