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  • EA Management Reportedly Blame COVID and Halo Infinite for Battlefield 2042 Issues

    Essentially, it's everyone else's fault but their own.

    A new report from Tom Henderson (writing for Xfire) claims that EA management held an internal meeting recently to talk about the problems with Battlefield 2042. At the meeting, EA says that they have "failed to meet the expectations of our players." They then went on to blame factors such as Halo Infinite's launch and COVID for the woes.

    At this company-wide meeting, EA management spent over 20 minutes trying...
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  • EA Considering Free-to-Play Option for Battlefield 2042

    EA Considering Free-to-Play Option for Battlefield 2042

    EA is apparently disappointed with how poor Battlefield 2042 is performing.

    According to leaker Tom Henderson, EA is pretty disappointed with how Battlefield 2042 is performing. Henderson says that the publisher is now "looking at all the options" when it comes to the game. This includes the possibility that the game will go the route of a free-to-play title, at least in some capacity.

    Henderson failed to elaborate on these remarks and says he'll have "more...
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  • New Splinter Cell Game Reportedly in Development

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    New Splinter Cell Game Reportedly in Development

    Hey look, it's this rumor again.

    It is once again time to toss out another new rumor about a Splinter Cell game being in active development at Ubisoft. The latest one comes from VGC who cites multiple anonymous "development sources" that claim a new Splinter Cell game is in the earliest stages of development. These sources suggest that there's a small chance that the game will maybe be announced in 2022.

    The VGC article, written by Tom "let's toss a bunch...
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  • Rumor: Quantic Dream is Making a Star Wars Game

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    Rumor: Quantic Dream is Making a Star Wars Game

    You ever just want a rumor to not be true in the slightest?

    Quantic Dream, the studio behind games like Heavy Rain and their latest, Detroit: Become Human, is rumored to be working on a new Star Wars game. This rumor originally surfaced through French YouTuber Gautoz. Gautoz reports that the studio recently signed a deal with Disney.

    A second report, this time from Dualshockers, corroborates the original rumor with their own sources that say Quantic Dream is indeed working...
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  • These Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumors are Apparently True

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    These Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumors are Apparently True

    Looks like we're headed back to Vice City.

    A number of sources have all separately said many of the same things regarding Grand Theft Auto 6. For instance, they say that the game won't be out until at least 2024, probably 2025. This past week, insider Tom Henderson revealed what he knew about the game's ongoing development at Rockstar. Since then, that information was corroborated by industry veteran Jason Schreier and Andy Robinson from VGC.

    Outside of the far off release...
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  • Battlefield 6 Gameplay Screenshots Leak

    Battlefield 6 Gameplay Screenshots Leak

    They seem to be the real deal.

    A number of leaked gameplay images from the next Battlefield game, be it simply called Battlefield or Battlefield 6 or something else entirely, have made their way online today. These images originated on Tom Henderson's Discord channel, but not from Henderson himself. They were later confirmed to be the real deal from Henderson.

    Some evidence that points to these being real popped up in r/GamingLeaksAndRumours on Reddit. Comments noted that...
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  • Two Leaked Images Surface for Battlefield 6

    Two Leaked Images Surface for Battlefield 6

    The leaks are flowing freely now.

    Hot on the heels of a massive Battlefield 6 leaked information blowout comes two leaked screenshots from the upcoming game. These images were originally quite small but Reddit user, Uberkritz2, took it upon himself to use some A.I. upscaling to increase the resolution a bit.

    You may doubt the images are authentic, but they were vouched for by known Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson just a short time ago on Twitter.

    The images...
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  • Leaker Claims Battlefield 6 to Include Day/Night Cycles and Dynamic Weather

    Known leaker Tom Henderson is at it again with the Battlefield 6 leaks.

    Tom Henderson is at it again with some possible new leaks for the upcoming Battlefield game for 2021. We don't yet know if it will be called Battlefield 6 or just Battlefield as one rumor suggested or even if it will be something else entirely. What we do "know" is what Henderson shared with the world just about a day ago during his latest YouTube livestream.

    The latest from Henderson comes...
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  • Noted Leaker Provides Fresh Battlefield 6 Rumors

    Noted Leaker Provides Fresh Battlefield 6 Rumors

    The latest rumors come directly from known leaker Tom Henderson.

    A leaker known for getting the facts correct more often than not, Tom Henderson, just shared some tasty new information about the next Battlefield game. The game, known by fans right now as Battlefield 6 will actually just be called Battlefield for its title. You didn't really expect DICE and EA to have a sane naming convention for this franchise, now did you?

    Battlefield will be set in a near-future setting,...
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