Partake in a California music festival gone awry.
An enemy whipping at the player character in a zombie apocalypse.

The second story expansion for Dead Island 2 is out April 17 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via the Epic Games Store. The expansion is called SoLA and it takes players to "the ultimate Californian music festival."

This new expansion adds in a new storyline for players to make their way through. There is also obviously a new location, that being the music festival taking place in the heart of HELL-A. There will also be some new enemies such as the Whipper, which is a "new apex variant enemy." Finally, the SoLA expansion will add in some new legendary weapons such as a Sawblade Launcher.

This April 17th release date for SoLA means that the expansion is just a few short days ahead of the Steam release on April 22nd.

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The SoLA DLC will contain the following:

New Storyline: A deadly virus sweeps through The Valley, turning its inhabitants into ravenous zombies as a chthonic rhythm calls from beyond: the beat of the Autophage. Lured to the festival by an enigmatic warning message, players must explore SoLA’s ruins and put a stop to this otherworldly menace.

New Location: A visceral, gore-drenched music festival in the heart of HELL-A echoing to the sound of The Beat which threatens to turn the living into zombies and could soon make its way out of the forsaken city and across the globe.

New Enemies: Including the Whipper, a new apex variant enemy, driven mad with self-loathing by the Autophage. Their compulsion to self-mutilate has turned them into a horrific nightmare of disemboweled intestines, allowing them to lash out at range. Along with this mangled creature is the Clotter, another new unsettling apex zombie, that can decompose into a revolting pile of gore, making it immune from damage in that form, and then reform elsewhere to continue the fight. Capable of firing a powerful jet of putrid blood from their heart, it’s deadly both up close and at a distance.

New Legendary Weapons: Tear the undead apart with the Ripper, a deadly fusion of a baseball bat and circular saw into a percussive machine of dismemberment. For slicing at a distance, try the Sawblade Launcher: a heavy weapon firing rotary sawblades, this is the perfect weapon for ranged decapitation and dismemberment.​