Forspoken is Now Available


  • Forspoken is Now Available

    A new Nvidia driver is also out, enabling DLSS support in the game.
    A girl running towards the left side of the image. She has a trail of gold particles behind her. The word "Forspoken" is on the image. A plan purple background is behind the girl.

    Square Enix says that Forspoken is now available globally. This Luminous Productions developed game is out for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store for $69.99 (USD). This one is an action-RPG that features magic, parkour, and some sass.

    For those who are unsure about picking up the game, there is a demo that has been available on PlayStation 5 for a little while now. That demo was recently updated with some small changes that the community requested be made. The demo is also now available on PC and can be downloaded through Steam and other PC platforms.

    Forspoken puts players in the shoes of Frey Holland, an ordinary young woman who has been mysteriously transported to Athia, a fantastical land that is devastated by an unknown force known as the Break. Having somehow survived this strange phenomenon and armed with a magical sentient bracelet called ‘Cuff’, Frey now offers Athia a last beacon of hope and must harness her newfound magical abilities to save Athia and find her way home.

    In Forspoken, players can expect captivating performances from an all-star cast, including Ella Balinska (Run Sweetheart Run) as protagonist Frey Holland, Jonathan Cake (Star Wars: The Old Republic) as magical-sentient, Cuff and Pollyanna McIntosh (The Walking Dead series), Janina Gavankar (The Morning Show) and Claudia Black (Uncharted: The Lost Legacy) who take on the roles of the Tantas, evil maddened sorceresses that rule over Athia, as well as appearances from further supporting cast members, including Monica Barbaro (Top Gun Maverick) and Keala Settle (The Greatest Showman).
    Forspoken is also a game that hasn't exactly set the review charts on fire. Still, maybe you will enjoy the game. It's not "bad" per se, but it's maybe not what a lot of people were hoping for, especially for the $70 starting price.

    DLC for Forspoken is already planned to be released later this year. The "In Tanta We Trust" DLC will serve as a prequel story to the game and will be available to those that pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition will get early access when it releases.

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