Everything is included and is available right now through Steam.
Judgment PC

The day few of us thought would actually come is here at last. Both Judgment and Lost Judgment from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio were released on PC today via Steam. In addition, the story expansion, Kaito Files, is also available. You can get all of them in a bundle deal where you can save 24% compared to buying each separately.

If you do wish to purchase them separately, the first game will cost you $39.99 (USD). Lost Judgment is $59.99 and Kaito Files is $29.99. If you go with the bundle deal, it's essentially like you're getting the Kaito Files content for "free" with that discount being offered.

Today's announcement and release came just a day after new ESRB ratings for PC were spotted and shared online. That was a pretty clear indicator that these previously console-exclusive titles were going to hit PC, we just didn't know exactly when that would happen.

The fact that these games are on PC at all is probably coming as a shock to many who know about the rights issues surrounding the main character. In short, the main protagonist in the Judgment games, Takayuki Yagami, is played by actor Takuya Kimura. Kimura is represented by a talent agency named Johnny's. Johnny's has a very strict policy when it comes to their talent and has viewed the PC platform as problematic for their business model. They were afraid of players modifying the player model or game to depict some compromising situations, if you know what I mean. The talent agency also often blurs or outright removes pictorial depictions of their talent in print magazines and online.

Whatever it is that Sega did to convince Johnny's to ease up on their fears is really anybody's guess. It's honestly nothing short of a minor miracle.

There are a few more big stories coming concerning Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio coming shortly, so stay tuned. Also, if you haven't yet checked out our review for Judgment, now is as good a time as any.

About Judgment
RGG Studio proudly presents Judgment, an action-adventure detective game that follows twisted crime running deep beneath the surface of Tokyo. Play as Takayuki Yagami, a disgraced defense attorney turned detective, as you claw your way through Kamurocho’s underground crime network and uncover the truth behind a string of grisly murders. In this legal thriller, the balance between justice and mercy teeters on the edge.

Take advantage of two unique battle styles to take down adversaries in electrifying encounters. Packed with Hollywood-worthy combat sequences and cinematic twists and turns, this twisted tale will keep your mind racing for answers until the very end.​
About Lost Judgment
When a convicted police officer discloses the murder of the student teacher who bullied his son to suicide, the dark secrets of a Yokohama high school rise to the surface. Fight for the truth as detective Takayuki Yagami and go undercover at a prestigious high school to solve a string of twisted bullying cases. But as victims pile up, caught in a cycle of bullying and revenge, will the scales of justice tip in favor of defending the law or enacting vengeance? Crack skulls to crack the case in this action-packed legal thriller.

RGG Studio proudly presents Lost Judgment, the sequel to Judgment that weaves investigative sleuthing, noir narrative, and bone-crushing combat into a story like none other.

Tap into Yagami’s arsenal of private eye tricks to gather clues. Use hi-tech gadgets like drones and listening devices as well as hardboiled gumshoe methods like scaling buildings and tailing suspects to uncover the truth. No stronger evidence than catching a suspect in the act.

Master Yagami’s three unique, combo-heavy martial arts styles to overcome any situation from group ambushes to single-target takedowns. Plus, expand your arsenal with street signs, bicycles, and more to pack an even bigger punch.

Go undercover as a high school club advisor to get to the root of the mystery, and have some fun along the way. Join the Dance Club and groove to the rhythm with your students. Challenge your ingenuity at the Robotics Club. Test your moves against fierce opponents at the boxing gym. You can even join the biker gang, where underground racing is the only way to earn respect.

As you comb the cities of Kamurocho and Ijincho in pursuit of the truth, take a break and get to know the unique culture of each city through bars and other nightlife hotspots. It may be worth taking on a Side Case to lend your detective skills to residents in need—you never know what might come of it.​
About Lost Judgment - The Kaito Files Story Expansion
*included for free in the Judgment Collection bundle.

Play as the muscle of the Yagami Detective Agency, Masaharu Kaito, and take on a new case that ties up loose ends of his past in The Kaito Files. Kaito brings his own Primal Focus detective techniques and two beastly fighting styles to challenge new foes and crack the case with a distinct Kaito swagger.

Following the events of Lost Judgment, Kaito starts a lucrative case while Yagami is out of town, that unexpectedly has him searching for his old flame, Mikiko. Along the way, Kaito encounters a teenager claiming to be their son and team up to uncover the truth behind Mikiko's disappearance.

Now Kaito stands at the crossroads of past and present while up against a syndicate tied to Kamurocho’s criminal underbelly. But why did Kaito and Mikiko split up, and what does this dark fraternity have to do with her?

Challenge all-new bosses with Kaito’s unique combat styles, scour Kamurocho for new collectibles, and dive into Kaito’s past in this larger-than-life drama expansion spanning four chapters.

Brazen, bold and always bombastic, Kaito is reliable in any fight, shake-down, or chase. Go beast mode with Kaito's aggressive Bruiser fighting style or crank up the defense with his Tank fighting style to match any foe in any situation.

No need for Yagami's fancy gadgets here; Kaito has his own sensory-based sleuthing style. Tap into Kaito's Primal Focus to literally sniff out clues, identify suspects and crack the case with his instincts.​