An update so large, it has its own table of contents.
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343 Industries and Microsoft released a massive update for Halo Infinite today to kick off the start of Season 2: Lone Wolves. this update changelog is a big one. It's so big that it has its own table of contents, and I probably won't be pasting it here directly.

The update adds in a bit of new content, including the latest Battle Pass, plus "numerous bug fixes," and some new features. This second season for Halo Infinite will last a lengthy six months before the start of the third season. If you do pick up the Battle Pass, maybe try not to rush it? Not only are you not getting anything new until November, but the Battle Passes never expire anyway.

Among the new content added today are two new maps and some new game modes. There are some changes to how the game's Motion Tracker works now.

The Motion Tracker has a new "edge" functionality in non-Ranked matchmaking playlists. The edge reveals the general direction of players who are sprinting, shooting, or operating vehicles just outside of the Motion Tracker's range. The inside of the Motion Tracker will continue to detect walking, sprinting, shooting, and operating vehicles as precise blips.

In Arena modes, the Motion Tracker's will show precise blips for enemies up to 18m away, and the edge functionality will reveal players who are up to 30m away. In Big Team Battle, the Motion Tracker's max distance is 24m, with the edge functionality reaching out to 40m.
Bots have also improved, there are now new player outline options, more target framerate options for Xbox Series X|S, weapon and gear balancing, and those fixes we mentioned.