Whatever momentum this game had is long gone.

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries just shared their roadmap of planned updates for 2022, and things aren't looking too hot. Halo Infinite Season 2 will go on for a very long six months. Just a year ago, 343 said that each season should last "roughly every three months."

The second season running for a planned six months is double that initial estimate. Furthermore, the first season for Halo Infinite will have gone on for about five months by the time Season 2 begins on May 3rd.

The second season is expected to end on November 8, 2022 when Season 3 is expected to be released. That means that Season 3, if it sticks to this schedule, will be released just three days ahead of Starfield's currently planned release date.

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Over six months, what exactly can we expect in Season 2? Well, just two maps for starters. One map is an Arena map while the other is a Big Team Battle map. If these are the only maps added in the season, this will make Infinite the Halo game with the fewest number of multiplayer maps out one year after release at 12. Even the first Halo game had 13 maps available a year after release. There were no new maps added in Season 1.

There will also be three game modes cycled in, which we learned about yesterday. There will be another Battle Pass, another Fracture limited-time event, and other quality of life updates.

Campaign co-op is still a ways away. 343's roadmap has that slated for a "late August target," meaning that it's not even guaranteed to come out even then. Similarly, the ability to replay campaign missions is also targeting a late August release. A beta for the Forge mode may also begin in September. A non-beta release of Forge isn't expected until some time in Season 3.

Both co-op and the Forge mode were absent from the game's launch at the end of 2021. The modes have seen a couple of delays already.

If nothing else, it will be interesting to see if Halo Infinite can hit the start of Season 3 before Battlefield 2042 begins its first season.