Solve crimes and kick a lot of ass while doing so.
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Sega and the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio just released their "noir action thriller" Lost Judgment for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Those of you on the PS4 and XB1 that pick the game up will be able to upgrade to the next-gen versions for free when or if you get a next-gen console.

Lost Judgment is the latest from the studio that brought you the Yakuza series and the first Judgment. You play as a private detective, Takayuki Yagami, trying to solve mysteries, uncover the secrets of a rather dark narrative, and engage in very flashy combat.

Unlike the first Judgment, we were unable to obtain a review copy for this one. I assume it's pretty darn good though, given that OpenCritic has it sitting at 84%.

Investigative Action
Tap into Yagami’s arsenal of private eye tricks to gather clues from hi-tech gadgets including drones and social media listening devices to hardboiled gumshoe methods like scaling buildings and tracking suspects in the city.

Freeform Combat
Master Yagami’s three unique, combo-heavy martial arts styles to overcome any situation from group ambushes to single-target takedowns. Further customize each style with a skill tree and weaponize street fights with traffic cones, street signs, bicycles and beyond.

Go Undercover
Go undercover at a local high school as a club advisor to get to the root of a mysterious rise in delinquency as it relates to the case. Join the Dance Club, where you’ll be grooving to the rhythm; the Robotics Club, tasking your ingenuity to build the ultimate Yagami-bot; a boxing gym, to stick and move against fierce opponents; and a bike gang, where underground racing is the only way to earn respect.

Hit The Streets
As you comb the open cities of Kamurocho and Ijincho in pursuit of the case, take a break and get to know the unique culture of each through bars and other nightlife hotspots. It may be worth taking on a Side Case to lend your detective skills to residents in need – you never know who holds what cards.

Game Editions Now Available
  • Standard Edition (for $59.99, available in digital and physical formats) includes the game Lost Judgment.
  • Digital Deluxe Edition (for $69.99, available today in digital format) includes the game and two additional content packs: The Detective Essentials Pack, which expands Yagami’s lifestyle, combat and detective accoutrements available today; and the School Stories Expansion Pack that includes activities to deepen your interactions with the school’s clubs, with additional Boxing Ring, Bike Gang, Dance Team and Robotics Club content available October 26.
  • Digital Ultimate Edition (for $89.99, available in digital format) includes all the Digital Deluxe Edition content as well as The Kaito Files, a fully independent story expansion featuring Kaito as playable character solving a new mystery in his own scenario. Available in Spring 2022.

Additional Content Purchase Options Now Available
  • Season Pass ($34.99) can be purchased individually as an add-on to the digital or physical base game and includes the Detective Essentials Pack (available now), School Stories Expansion Pack (available October 26, 2021), and The Kaito Files (available Spring 2022).
  • The Detective Essentials Pack ($9.99) can be purchased individually as an add-on to digital or physical editions of the base game.
  • Standalone purchase options for School Stories Expansion Pack and The Kaito Files will be available at their respective launch timings, October 26 and Spring 2022 respectively.