Dice battles and adventure combine in this surreal game from Zoink.
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Swedish gaming studio, Zoink, along with EA just revealed Lost in Random today during EA Play Live. The teams said that the "gothic fairytale-inspired action adventure game" will be released on September 10, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam.

This is a game that combines dice battles with various abilities and spells in addition to telling a story about the Kingdom of Random. This kingdom is ruled by an evil Queen. This kingdom is also ruled by a cursed black dice that dictates the lives of everyone in it.

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Journeying as Even, players will walk the land’s mysterious cobbled streets, meet its unpredictable residents and take on courageous quests in order to save her sister, Odd, from Her Majesty’s clutches. Along the way, they’ll team up with Dicey, a small and strange living dice, and together uncover an age-old tale with a surprisingly modern message not typically explored in gaming: Randomness in the world isn’t something to be feared or controlled, but a power that can be harnessed by embracing it and learning to roll with its punches.

Random rules all in the Kingdom of Random, and this principle is deeply embedded in Lost in Random’s innovative gameplay. Coins are collected that enable Even to learn new attacks, abilities and more - all of which come in handy during unique tactical combat. Players will use Even’s slingshot to attack deadly foes and knock off energy cubes that power Dicey. Once charged, they can roll Dicey to freeze time itself and unleash his powerful magic. Players will need to adapt their battle strategy on the fly within evolving board game arenas in order to defy a cursed fate and truly harness the power of randomness.