Rumor: Dark Souls Style Final Fantasy Game to be Announced for PS5 at E3


  • Rumor: Dark Souls Style Final Fantasy Game to be Announced for PS5 at E3

    Nioh developer Team Ninja is reportedly involved.
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    According to a new report from Fanbyte, there is a new Final Fantasy game being worked on by Team Ninja that will be Dark Souls in nature and exclusive to the PlayStation 5. The game will reportedly be revealed as part of Square Enix's E3 presentation this year. Now that right there is a lot to take in.

    This new title will reportedly be set in the same world as the original Final Fantasy game. You know, the one from 1987 that was released on the NES? Yeah, that one. The game will apparently be called Final Fantasy Origin and while it will be a PS5 exclusive at the game's launch, it will later be released on the PC.

    Fanbyte does cite its own sources on their reporting. Their report is in addition to other leaks and rumors that have kicked up recently on Reddit and various gaming forums. According to Fanbyte, an alpha demo will be released at some point this Summer for Final Fantasy Origin. This demo will reportedly be called Stranger in Paradise.

    Though it will share some similarities to Nioh, it will feature gameplay that is made more accessible for a wider gaming audience. There will reportedly be multiple difficulty options.
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