Get those wallets ready.
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A time honored consumer tradition is waiting until the right moment to spend a lot of money on items they wanted but did not want to pay full price for. An equally time honored tradition, at least among PC gamers is having the dates of the Steam Summer Sale leaked well ahead of time.

In fact, those dates are usually leaked right around this time of the year. In fact, 2019's dates were leaked almost exactly a year ago, with a difference of just four days. Those leakers are getting earlier and earlier every year! And I seem to use the same standfirst idea (get your wallets ready) every year.

According to this year's leak, the 2020 Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 25 and conclude on July 9. This is all according to SteamDB developer Pavel Djundik via Twitter. You may recognize Pavel from another recent leak focusing on a potential Steam Loyalty Program that could be coming soon.

Though unconfirmed, the dates do actually line up exactly with 2019's Steam Summer Sale dates. Assuming this Summer Sale follows in line with other sales, the exact time that it will kick off is 10AM (PT), or 1PM (ET) on June 25th. It will then end on July 9 at 9:59AM (PT), or 12:59PM (ET).

Last year, the Steam Summer Sale included a little bonus by way of the heavily abused Grand Prix promotion. Will Valve cook up something else for this year's event? Maybe. It's actually hard to assume one way or another right now since most everyone is probably working from home.

Can't wait until next month? Perhaps you should check out the big birthday sale that is live right now at Green Man Gaming. This birthday bash kicked off today and includes 10 days of sales, ending on May 21.