It's time again for a rumor!

According to a data miner and developer, Pavel Djundik over on Twitter, Valve may soon introduce some form of a loyalty rewards program through Steam. According to some information found while diving deep into the data mines, Steam has some sort of a currently new and unused point system. There is also a new reaction system that has shown up that will allow you to add a variety of reactions to user reviews.

Some of the "rewards" that Pavel found include being able to redeem points for badge levels and the possibility for redeeming towards game discounts. There may also be other reward items included but obviously the specifics are not yet known.

The reactions uncovered by Pavel include such thoughts and feelings like deep thoughts, hilarious, hot take, helpful, heartwarming, and poetry.

Steam rumor reactions

Of course, without Valve actually announcing something or making this public, these are all just rumors at the moment. These reactions could be something that comes out much later. They could be something that comes out tomorrow. They could be something that never sees the light of day.

Alternatively, it's possible that the rewards system and the reactions are a new Steam Labs experiment that is in the pipeline. Though it stands to reason that not all of the Lab experiments end up becoming full feature releases.

As with all rumors and speculation, just take a "wait and see" approach on this before getting too worked up over the possibilities.