Plus discounts on tons of games.
Artwork announcing the Steam Summer Sale 2023 is now live.

The Steam Summer Sale is now live and you know what that means? It means you get another news post about a Steam sale that begins with, "and you know what that means?"

The Steam Summer Sale is live right now and runs until July 13, 2023 at 10AM (PT). This sale includes discounts on thousands of titles that work on PC, Mac, Linux, and Steam Deck.

Speaking of Steam Deck, this Summer Sale includes up to 20% off of new Steam Deck purchases. Specifically, the base 64GB Steam Deck is 10% off, the 256GB model is 15% off, and the 512GB model is 20% off for the duration of this sale. This brings the top-end model of Valve's portable PC device from $649 (USD) down to just $519.20.

Valve even offers up a dedicated page showing the top 100 games played on Steam Deck right now. The list includes some favorites such as Elden Ring (-30%), Vampire Survivors (-25%), and Stardew Valley (-34%).

In addition to all of the sale items, this Steam Summer Sale includes a new seasonal badge, trading cards to collect or sell, and free daily stickers.