Welcome to Marseille.
World War Z Marseille

Some new downloadable content was also released today for World War Z. This new content is an entirely new episode, Marseille, that features three new PvE story missions for you and some co-op pals to enjoy. This content is unfortunately not free but can be purchased either separately or included as part of the Game of the Year Edition upgrade.

Purchased on its own, this content will run you $14.99 (USD). The Game of the Year Edition upgrade is $19.99. The GotY Edition includes this DLC along with the rest of the game's DLC. If you don't yet own any of the previously released DLC, it seems almost a no-brainer to get the full upgrade for just another $5. See, that's how they get ya!

If you don't even own the game yet, you can get World War Z Game of the Year Edition for $49.99 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Alternatively, you can pick it up for the PC for $44.99 on the Epic Games Store (affiliate link). Hey speaking of that affiliate link, you can also just use "zips" for the affiliate code at checkout if you decide to purchase the DLC through the EGS.

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