Fallout 76 influencer canvas bag
Two days ago, we reported on the story that Bethesda pulled a bait-and-switch when it came to delivering a canvas bag to fans that spent $200 for Fallout 76's Power Armor Edition. As you recall, they were instead given a nylon bag and not the canvas bag that is still being advertised at retailers like Amazon and GameStop.

Yesterday, we reported on how Bethesda's compensation was meager, at best. They offered up $5 of in-game currency that can be used to maybe buy a door and some plants.

And now today comes word that Bethesda provided influencers with a canvas bag ahead of Fallout 76's launch. Sure, it's not the canvas bag that is still being advertised as part of a $200 consumer product, but it sure is a canvas bag. It's a nice one at that! Just take a look at it.

The bag was given, for free, to Fallout 76 influencers at a pre-launch promotional event. As is common with these events, the studio provided influencers with a chance to play and record Fallout 76 gameplay. These influencers then obviously share their gameplay footage and experience with their audience. It's a relatively cheap way to promote the game and generate hype for a game ahead of release.

It's important to note here that those who were in attendance at the event obviously had no way of knowing that any of this was going to happen a month down the road. It's also important to note that the budget allocated for these influencer events is part of the marketing budget for a game and may not factor in to budgets for other aspects of game development or product availability.

However, the fact that the game is still being advertised as coming with the canvas bag at most retailers is not a good look for Bethesda.

(via Reddit, Game Rant)