Project Judge / Judge Eyes
We finally got our first look at Project Judge (aka: Judge Eyes), the newest IP from the development studio that brought us the Yakuza franchise. This new look features some quick snippets of the various gameplay elements in this game where you play as a detective.

If the setting looks familiar to you, it should. It's been confirmed that the game takes place on the mean streets of Kamurocho, one of the staple cities of the Yakuza franchise. Only this time, you're fighting on the side of the law instead of just kind of helping out the law in a less than legal fashion.

It looks a bit like Phoenix Wright meets Yakuza and that just sounds great to me. And who doesn't like solving crimes with their fists and sick combat moves? Let's take a look.

As an added bonus, those of you with a Japanese PlayStation Network account can download the demo for Judge Eyes right now.