We Happy Few
Australia is known for a number of things like extremely hot weather and the Outback (Steakhouse and otherwise). It's also known to be really ass backwards when it comes to rating games even after they adopted the R18+ rating a few years back.

Case in point, the Australian Classification Review Board initially denied a classification to We Happy Few. Compulsion Games filed an appeal with the board and it looks like they changed their mind, granting the game an R18+ rating in the land down under.
Hi all,

After considering our appeal to get We Happy Few reviewed for classification, the Australian Classification Review Board has decided to allow the release of We Happy Few in Australia!

We went to a great deal of effort to get this decision overturned. We Happy Few will be rated R18+ in Australia.

We are extremely pleased with the decision of the board and excited that our Australian fans and new players will be able to experience We Happy Few without modification.

We want to thank everybody who got involved in the discussion, contacted the board and sent us countless messages of support. Your involvement made a huge difference.

Compulsion Games

It doesn't seem like any content had to be altered or cut for this appeal to happen, so that's some good news. It's still baffling that Australia takes such a hard stance on denying classification for so many games, some even after the R18+ rating came around for games in early 2013.