SGDQ 2018
This past week, Summer Games Done Quick 2018 (SGDQ) was busy raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Throughout most of the week, the community that is primarily made up of speed runners, managed to pull in a bit over $1 million (USD).

It wasn't until the final 24 hours that another $1 million was raised to bring the total to around $2.1 million for Doctors Without Borders. Significant portions of this $2.1 million figure came from revenue earned through Twitch subscriptions ($177,338), sales of unique GDQ inspired shirts through The Yetee ($135,400), and Funhaus who held their "Games Done Slow" mini-marathon which pulled in $21,564 for Summer Games Done Quick.

This $2.1 million figure is a new record for the annual event, though the figure is expected to rise a bit as the final donations trickle in over the coming days. The previous record came from last year's event which raised almost $1.8 million. This new record brought SGDQ just about $200,000 away from the record $2.3 million raised during AGDQ earlier this year.

Once all was said and done, this past week saw 153 games completed as fast as possible by a large ensemble of speed runners. A full list of the games, complete with Twitch timestamp and YouTube link (GDQ is still currently getting these uploaded) can be found courtesy of the Reddit /r/Speedrun community.