Bonus Level Entertainment is getting ready to release FOX n FORESTS for the Switch, PS4, Xb1, PC, Mac, and Linux on May 17. The game features some decidedly retro looking visuals in addition to retro action platforming. In addition to new gameplay news, there is also a new gameplay trailer.
Rick the Fox, armed with a magical crossbow, must master its powerful ability to change between two seasons within each level. Create new platforms out of falling leaves in autumn, freeze surroundings in winter, and use other powers at his disposal. Only by mastering the seasons will Rick be able to outfox his enemies, explore the mystic forest, solve brain-teasing puzzles, claim victory against colossal bosses, and bring the mystery of the fifth season to light.

Inspired by timeless classics such as the Castlevania and Zelda series, FOX n FORESTS will be both accessible and challenging. The game combines modern game design and retro charm accentuated with glorious 16-Bit graphics and a chiptune soundtrack.

FOX n FORESTS was backed via Kickstarter in 2016. This will be the first game published from EuroVideo's new game publishing label Wild River. Anyway, check out the new gameplay vdieo here along with some colorful screenshots from the game.