The System Shock reboot, remake, reimagining, or whatever you would like to call it is taking a break. According to sources speaking with Polygon, the team at Nightdive have already burned through the $1.35 million that were raised during their 2016 Kickstarter campaign.

The last major update came in March 2017 when the team decided to switch from Unity to Unreal Engine.

The confirmation on this "break" came directly from Nightdive Studios in a statement released to Kickstarter backers earlier today.

Director of business development Larry Kuperman told Polygon that they will return to work on the project. He says that System Shock reboot is not dead. However, when asked for a timeline, Kuperman said that he estimates the game release is still "18 to 24 months" out. It seems worth noting here that System Shock 3 is still in development by OtherSide Entertainment.