As part of the review process for Agents of Mayhem, I was granted permission to stream up to the first five hours of the game. There was no limit on the content that I could show, only the amount of time in which I was allowed to show it.

If you happened to miss my stream last night (and I know many of you did), you can watch the full, uncut version below. Feel free to watch it all or skip around a bit. It should give you a general idea of how the game looks, how it plays, what the early story is, and what all there is to do in the futuristic version of Seoul, South Korea.

The review embargo does not lift until August 15 at 3:01AM (ET; 12:01AM PT). August 15 is also the release date for the game on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Yes, the review embargo will lift after the game is already released in some time zones.